It All Starts With The Perfect Proposal

January 4, 2010

On Christmas Eve 2009 occurred the happiest moment of my life.  In 25 and a half years, never have I been so overwhelmed with feeling – of surprise (read on), of happiness (naturally), of love, and put simply… of pure exuberance.  That there is only him and I in this world.  As long as that is so, that is fine with me.

Allow me to tell the story of The Perfect Proposal.

We are two law school graduates in the midst of the great modern recession.  He is waiting for his job to start and I am deferred from mine.  In the interim, we are living simply at his parents home and house-sitting for his neighbors whenever they are away for a little privacy pocket money.  Christmas was one such occasion when they needed our service.  During the day, we would spend time in celebration with his family and at night we would stay next door.

Christmas Eve brought with it frantic gift wrapping, house cleaning, and all around merriment.  This was my first orthodox American Christmas (I became a citizen a few years ago, but my family never quite caught on to the tradition).  Naturally, I was all eyes and ears, and generally more excited than was appropriate for a young adult.  At 11pm, we attended a Presbyterian candlelight service at Church.  I was surprised to find that I knew the words to almost all the hymns, a tribute to my childhood under the Church of England.

By the time we returned at midnight, I had had enough of the holiday cheer and wanted nothing but a mug of hot coco and a bed.  On the way upstairs to the guest bedroom, I glanced under the tree where our Pup prefers to leave us “presents.”  There lay a large box wrapped in blue.  Inside was a scrapbook album entitled “The Story of Jane.”

The black book contained pictures of my baby years with my grandparents that had long been lost during my family’s many travels.  Earlier last year we made a trip out to China where my auntie showed us several that she had saved.  He reproduced them in this album.

It documents when we met in Virginia, our graduation from law school, and travels to Germany, Switzerland, Colorado, and China.  It ends with our climb on the Great Wall, “no matter how hard the climb, we climb together!”  Then the final page contained the simple words “Just one question?”

She said YES!


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