Getting Bogged Down On The Pretties (Dresses)

January 6, 2010

I have to say the most exciting thing about a wedding is the dress.  Every little girl has dreamed about being a princess, and every big girl wants to one day be the most beautiful bride.  The dress (possibly next to the ring) is the most important aspect of becoming the princess bride.

Dream Dress.

Since I received my first bridal magazine a week ago (creatively called the Bridal Guide), I’ve been pouring over the dresses and styles.  My wedding will be a formal one so a full length gown is the way to go.

My favorite on paper was by far the mermaid style, with a fitted bodice, a fitted butt, and a long train.  The models look so glamorous – I love that the gown shows off their shape beautifully beneath the fabric.  That’s what I want.   It’s my wedding day and I want to strut my stuff!

Here are a couple I especially love, from David’s Bridal.

By Oleg Cassini

By David’s Bridal

Real Life.

Well, today I went to try them on with my mother-in-law-to-be.  Both gowns look stunning on the models above, and still looked pretty good on the hangers.  Then I tried on the top one.

My God was it a tight fit.  I am a size 2, not very large on top or bottom, actually I have a rather straight-as-a-board type figure.  The sweet lady who was fitting me put me in a foam corset with a pushup built in.  I had just eaten a lunch of shrimp ravioli in cream sauce, but I swear the foam was at least a 1/2″ thick all the way around my stomach.  She could barely zip up the dress on top of it.

The first thing I noticed about the gown was its weight.  It was like wearing a heavy layer of tarp.  All that beading, sequins and lace add up.  I barely managed to waddle out of the dressing room and tripped over myself stepping up onto the pedestal.  My hips were confined, my thighs and even my knees felt stuck together.  Breathing deeply was not an option.

The material was very glamorous indeed, but just too much in person.  The dress was entirely in lace, had sparkly sequins all over, and beading upon beading upon beading.  The word intricate does not suffice.  I was a sparkly ivory doll.  With massive hips.

Yeap.  I don’t know if it was the foam corset (although it can’t be, seeing as how the corset ended at my hips), or mother nature playing a cruel trick – but for the first time in 25 years I had hips.  Massive ones.  I’ve always wanted some curve to my shape, but my gosh this was not the way to debut them.  To add insult to injury, I did not quite fill out on top.  Even with the pushup foam.

The second dress was a bit better in that the material was more forgiving and actually quite pretty.  Unfortunately, the mermaid flare below the knee looked too flipper-like from a front view.  As in, if the dress was blue I could be Arial and Sebastian the crustacean would be my wedding planner.  The picture above must have been strategically planned out.

Also, my armpits got caught on the spiky corners of the bust whenever I turned.

Dreams — dashed!


8 Responses to “Getting Bogged Down On The Pretties (Dresses)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Yeah, thus the importance of trying on the dresses! My coworker said that when she did her dress fitting, she was told her size was 2 on top, 4 at the waist, and a 12 on the bottom…yes, 12!!! She’s also short– shorter than me, haha.

    When will you be in Plano??? I must visit and we can go look at more dresses!! =D

    I’m thinking for us petite girls, maybe a more simple dress would be better?

    • When I first got there, the lady asked me what size I am. I said between a 0-2. She was like… ok, we have some 2’s (looks at my butt) but you might be a 4.

      Simple is better, I agree. I don’t want to go plain, but definitely not beading all over! I can’t carry that weight around.

  2. Liz Says:

    ahhh wedding dresses =) i think you will end up with something very different from what you envisioned. it happened to me, and most everyone i know.

    also, i’m super excited you are blogging about your experience. i love weddings, sigh.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Honey, you are not fat. I just wanted to say that first.

    That said, remember wedding dresses are still considered a couture item…so size 4 is “normal”. Size 0-2 is like supermodel.

    I had all these slick form-fitting dresses in mind but what I ended up with was completely different. (Just like what Liz said!)

    That said, go try on as many dresses as you can. After a while you get a hang of what looks good on you. And, you WILL know when you’ve found the ONE….just like how you found your H2B! I went to 7 stores in the States and tried on at least 5-6 dresses per store. I actually bought my dress in China and tried on 2 dresses per store. I finally found my one at the 10th (or so) store, after I was tired, exhausted, and thirsty.

    P.S. I like the H2B abbreviation…I think I saw it on weddingbee a while back, hehe. Sounds more modern than “fiance.” 🙂

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