DIY Bridal Beauty: Simple Brown Eyes + Cherry Lip

January 7, 2010

Keeping up with the planning procrastination, I’d like to share with you some makeup ideas for the big day.

Although it’s a big party and people will be dancing and drinking, unless your wedding is in the 80’s it is probably not favored for the bride to be rocking out with thick eyeliner and blue shadow.  Not that I hate on either of those things — I’ve been known to rock it from time to time.

For my big day I will probably stick to something simple, elegant, but striking.  First and foremost, get good skin.  If you don’t have it, fake it.  My advise is to go to your local Bobbi Brown or NARS counter and get them to match your foundation/concealer.  You may not sleep well the night before and you sure don’t want to look like it.  I will be following my own advise on this one since I don’t normally wear foundation and actually don’t really own any.  You can be sure I will have flawless skin on my wedding day though.  It makes for better photos.


For this look, I’m going simple simple simple.  That means 1 brown eyeshadow.  That’s it.  Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, pat the shadow across the lid up to your crease.  I like to put the shadow on in any place of the lid where I can feel the brush on my eyeball.  That’s probably a very non-professional description, but there you have it.  If you like a cat-eye effect, pull the brown shadow up to the outer corners of your eyelid, to where the hollow of the bone ends. Blend blend blend!

Add a smidge of brown shadow to the outer half of your bottom lid at the lashline just to tie the color together.

Use any dark eyeliner of your choice, or you can even use black eyeshadow with a wet liner brush (what I did here).  Trace as close to your lashes as possible, starting with a thin line and wing it up and out slightly at the edges.  You can be more dramatic as you like.  This lifts, darkens, and elongates your eyes.

Mascara optional (I don’t have any on because this is a tutorial and I wear glasses).  Make sure you use waterproof.

Curl your lashes.

Do not neglect your brows. This is of utmost import to tie the look together and give your face the elegant edge.  You can use a brow powder in your shade or a brown shadow (what I did here) to fill in the sparse hairs.  Follow the natural curve of your brow.  The darkness of the entire brow should be uniform.  Take care to not darken it so much it looks harsh against your skin.

  • Brown shadow used — NARS India Song
  • Liner used wet — NARS Pandora
  • Shadow used in brow — NARS Cordura (I could’ve done a better job, seeing these photos now)
  • Lash curler — Shu Uemura

If you want to spice it up, add a light shimmery shade to the inner corners of your eyes to add a sparkle.

Lips and Cheeks.

We are going with simple here so we are using 1 product for both.  It’s a lip/cheek stain.  The purpose of a stain compared to a lipstick or blush is that it will stain the area you put it on, therefore it should last longer.  The goal of wedding makeup is to look elegant and not melt off in the sun or throughout the night.  You don’t want to be reapplying every couple of hours.  Thus, use a stain.

First make sure your lips are not chapped.  This is very important because the liquid stain will collect in the dry spots.  Exfoliate with a dry toothbrush or sugar mixed with olive oil.  Then apply a light balm to your lips and then blot it off.  Apply the stain evenly and  press your lips together.

  • Lipstain used on lips and as blush — Benefit Benetint (the color on all these images are a bit washed out, probably because I’m using my webcam, but the lip is slighter brighter than shown)
  • If I was a professional, I would’ve added a cherry colored gloss over it

Here’s another picture using H2B’s iPhone.  Better quality to show off my chin hairs.

For your cheeks, make sure they are moisturized.  Apply the stain in a few dots to the apple of your cheeks and quickly blend it out toward your ears.


6 Responses to “DIY Bridal Beauty: Simple Brown Eyes + Cherry Lip”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Are you going to get your brows done professionally for the big day? Remember when I got it that one time (in 2006)? It made a HUGE difference! I tweeze regularly but I don’t trim my brows like they do at those places.

  2. Jessica Says:

    You should use tags!! And have your recent posts on the right side…

    Anyway, what are you going to do for hair?? I love the cool updos people do for special occasions!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Please post more beauty updates…I really need help. 😦

    I really recommend the Benefit tint…but I still haven’t figured out how to get it to stay on my lips longer. 😦

    • Oh there will be plenty of beauty updates. Makeup has become a hobby of mine in the last year… so it’s gotten kind of out of hand. If you have any looks (colors) you’d like me to demonstrate, I’d be happy to do that for you 🙂

      Yeah benetint still rubs off of me if I eat/drink alot but it lasts longer than lipstick! You can try layering – tint, then balm, then lipstick. That will last longer for sure!

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