What Not To Do

January 7, 2010

One of my bridesmaids and I have been in recent discussion about picking out a dress for them.  I’m thinking full length formal, maybe something grecian and airy.  She prefers strapless, shorter, a cocktail dress that can be worn again in the future.

Here you go.

I’m sure it comes in purple ;).


4 Responses to “What Not To Do”

  1. Jessica Says:

    lol, hahah that’s soooo not what I would have picked!! grecian would be cool if your dress was grecian too! but in all likeliness, a shorter dress would be worn more often (but not THAT short!). i’ll have to show you my strapless one when we’re in plano!

  2. alice Says:

    Grecian would be beautiful! I like purple. The name my parents gave me is Purple.

    Are you thinking jewel-like purple, or lighter? Shorter dress is more practical I suppose… but when was the last time wedding plans revolved around practicality? Hm… have you thought about hair plans?

    I sent my sis your blog and asked for advice. She self-planned a BEAUTIFUL wedding.

    • I knew you would be happy about my color choice!

      Definitely not light purple. Haven’t thought about hair – but that is going to be professionally done. I fail at hair most days.

      Share some pix of your sister’s wedding! I’d love to see them.

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