Shameless Ring Photos (Pt. 1)

January 8, 2010

Before I knew how to take photos of my ring, I took them with an iPhone.  The very first photo of my ring right after the proposal was taken at night, with dim indoor lighting, with a phone camera.  Tsk tsk.  This picture now resides in my first post.

Then I recalled a treasured resource – Facebook!  I remember seeing a friends album of artistically crafted pictures of her engagement ring.  They looked downright professional.  Aha!  I said.  The background should be a dark surface to contrast the diamond for extra sparkle factor.  I looked around and the darkest non-reflective surface that I could find was Pups’ head.

Step 2 is to take the ring off.  Nobody really cares to see the hand, even if it is well manicured.  Mine is not.

After a number of failures since Pups kept shaking her head, and for fear of her eating my ring in retaliation, I had to find an alternate dark surface.

For ladies with a digital camera, change the setting dial to the flower.  That is for taking pictures of close up objects.  Find a good angle and depress the camera button slightly in order for the lenses to focus.  You’ll notice that the camera focuses crystal clear on the ring for a split second, then blurs it out.  In my very professional photographer opinion, take the picture as soon as you can get it to focus – don’t wait or it will blur out!

Just kidding, I am not a professional photographer.  In fact this is possibly the first time I’ve used a setting on H2B’s camera that isn’t the regular green one (whatever it’s called).  I don’t even own a camera.  But this technique did work for me.

This last photo is my crowning glory.  I used the flower setting, added flash, angled the ring just so – and voila!

I was lucky the flash caught on a side stone or else the main diamond would be a mirror.  Later, I received an invaluable website from my wise friend who takes good ring pictures.  It says do not use flash.  Use good lighting.  Whoops!

The folks at weddingbee give excellent advise for taking photos of your ring using a digital camera.  Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Take off the ring
  2. Put it on an interesting surface
  3. Find good light (flashlight, natural light, don’t use flash like I did)
  4. Try an angle
  5. Use the flower setting – it’s called Macro

I will put these lessons into practice in Shameless Ring Photos Pt. 2.


3 Responses to “Shameless Ring Photos (Pt. 1)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Oh Jane, your knowledge of photography amuses me. =) Anyway, I do have a DSLR that could probably take some great photos of the ring if you’d like.

    I’m not sure why the camera you were using was blurring out after it focused, but usually, it’s because there’s not enough light in the room to begin with so it doesn’t properly focus.

    As a general rule, good photography never uses flash straight on (which is what happens with all of the little point-and-shoot cameras when you use flash). If flash has to be used, a separate flash is attached, diffuser is used, or some other fancy set up.

  2. monica Says:

    When I worked at the bookstore, I found track lighting works best to show off brilliance. The idea is to have as much lighting from differen’t angles as humanly possible. This is why you see so many little lights in jewelry stores instead of a few big ones. If you walk into areas that happen to have a lot of lights around, take a look down at your ring. It’ll look much differen’t than if you were outside.

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