Bridal Expo (testrun)

January 9, 2010

I return victorious from war. H2B learnt to say that in China (in Chinese of course) and has been spouting it at any appropriate occasion (ie. at the top of his lungs whilst zip-lining down the Great Wall).  I think this one is appropriate for me.

Despite the gimp ankle, I managed to hobble around the Hyatt today and snap some pictures.  So great is my desire to get involved with the process and share it with you.

The Expo was tons of fun, crowded full of blushing brides and their moms.  There were tables from caterers, cake bakeries, jewelry stores, photographers, honeymoon travel agents, DJ’s, venues, event planners and even a small live orchestra.  Most of them are local and my wedding will probably not be here.  I just went to get ideas and play pretend.

By far the most important thing I wanted to see were the table decorations.  Here are a few stand-outs.

I like the butt cushions

Close up of the Orchids lamp.  Simple LED lighting.

Iridescent tablecloth

Flower vase pedestal.

Jane 101 – I have a proclivity towards fire.  A candle is always nearby and the only good thing about Winter is the fireplace.  H2B shares my enthusiasm and recently built a fire pit in the backyard for us to “camp” by and warm our tootsies.

Let there be candlelight at my wedding.

It reminds me of the underground boat scene in Phantom of the Opera.  Moody and mystical.

One of my favorite ideas from the Expo — Ice Sculptures!


Shrimp cocktail dispenser.  Cold and delicious!

There were a lot of wedding cakes but most of them were either traditional and white or bright and gaudy.  I didn’t see any that really fit the bill, but here are two I like.  There were plenty of samples though…mmm swiss chocolate and mocha bite-sized cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Elegant and feminine.

Cherry blossoms.

The pretties!  I need to get my mind off the mermaid cut, but isn’t it gorgeous?

And the back.

The whole headless sha-bang.

Close up of the dress.

I love the ethereal look of this dress.  H2B is not a fan.  “The layers are weird.  It looks like a screen or netting.”

Possible bridesmaid gown?  The neckline is so elegant.  I’d add a gold sash in place of that beading.

The loot.

*** A big thank you to one of my bridesmaids who sent me a delicious package last night.  It cushioned my fall and filled my stomach this morning.  Love ya! ***

See that broken off piece?  I made H2B take it out of his mouth and put it back on the plate so I can have a good photo-op 😀


6 Responses to “Bridal Expo (testrun)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    ooh, bread from Monica, right? good stuff =)

    I agree with Jonathan, not crazy about the mesh layers.

    I think that if you want candles, you should have it in a glass bowl (or something glass) filled with water. oooh, or have you seen the floating candles in the glass bowl with rose petals? anyway, you get the idea, hehe. and nothing too high because a high centerpiece makes it hard to see stuff!

    cool cherry blossoms cake!! man, that ones gotta be, what, $800-900ish? ever watch ace of cakes?

    fyi–i looked at the prices for one of the bakeries in your area and for a fondant cake for 155 people, it’s $620 with 4 layers.

  2. alice Says:

    Ooh the floating candles would be pretty. Haha, I remember the early buds of Jane’s obsession with The Phantom of the Opera.

  3. I am still obsessed.

  4. Liz Says:

    Ooh… I like the ethereal dress. =)

  5. monica Says:

    If you come to visit in NY, there is a street of bridal dress shops. I think it’s on 9th Street in the East Village. I used to walk by the block to go to school everyday. Alice and I used to talk about which dresses were beautiful and which were ugly. There is one dress (wish I took a picture) that I’d want to get married in and I know I will go back there when it’s my turn but I will def take you to “the street” if you ever make it up here. 🙂

    My favorite florist is in Tudor City in NY. A tucked away oldschool rich neighborhood in the east 40’s.

    There are also these wedding florist designers who used to be clients of mine. Their work is unbelievable but I’ll have to search for them because I don’t remember the names anymore. Keep you updated though.

    Thanks again for the shout out!

  6. […] 25, 2010 I came across this at the first wedding expo I attended (and the only one H2B will ever attend).  It’s a photo booth for rent.  Set it up in a […]

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