Dear H2B’s All Over The World

January 10, 2010

Your obsession with sports astounds us.  We will never understand the distinction between AFC or NFC or ABC football, no matter how much you like to explain it.  We can’t keep up with how many games can be on TV at once, and the difference between Direct TV and regular cable.  The number of days of the week that football is taking over seems to increase every day.  At first it was only Friday and Sunday, then somehow Monday was taken over.  And Saturdays and sometimes Thursdays are filled with college football.  What ever.

We don’t know why you watch a game on the big screen, a game on the small screen, flip between games during commercials and check stats on your iPhone app at the same time.  We get that it’s fun to follow your favorite team and sometimes we even watch a game with you and cheer them on.  On rare occasions we even go to the stadium and watch it live.  We admit, sometimes it’s for the hotdogs and popcorn, but we do scream and yell along with the best of them.

But when your favorite team gets knocked out before the playoffs — we don’t understand why you keep watching and root for any team opposing the one responsible for squashing your team the year before.

Then when you are not watching football, you’re playing it on the very TV we like to catch “Say Yes to the Dress.”  Sometimes we fear you may hurt yourselves whilst thumping your chest and grunting like a cave man.

However, be warned that we may kill you if your fist pump into the air lands upon the TV or our face.



Conversation with Mr. Bowling ball head:

(After 3 hours of playing FIFA, he turns on the Baltimore vs. New England game.  I change the channel)

“Nooo, change it back it’s the 4th quarter”

But you just played 3 hours of FIFA instead of watching the game.

“I was saving myself for the 4th quarter.”

Do you even care about the teams?

“Yes I want Baltimore to win”


“Because New England beat the Panthers in the Superbowl in 2004”


6 Responses to “Dear H2B’s All Over The World”

  1. alice Says:

    WORD sister. WORD. Ishan is watching as we speak.

  2. Jessica Says:

    LOL. But you can only really speak for yourself, there are many girls that are into football! I personally prefer college football (and it does make sense to watch other games too, how they perform will affect your team’s rankings…if you care for that sort of thing). But with the NFL, even though it’s more exciting because the players are the best of the best, I don’t like it because I don’t feel connected to any team, seeing how they come from all over the place and can switch teams. At least in college football, they go to one school and generally stay at that school!

    This is why it’s best to just have 2 tv’s, lol. And also why rocks.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Oh yea, I was gunna say, my SO’s (significant other) sister is WAAAY into football, haha. More so than her SO! They were at the UT Championship game this past weekend in Pasadena even though they’re both living in DC.

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