January 11, 2010

When I went to try on dresses, they asked me to estimate a date for the wedding.  H2B and I had talked about it before (narrowing it down to 3 seasons), but a certain date stuck out.  Our “official dating anniversary” is October 10th, and this upcoming October will be our third year.  So I thought, what the heck, let me put that down for as good an estimate as any.  Plus they won’t want to help me if I’m not getting married for a year.

Once it was on paper as 10/10/10 it just started looking right.  Maybe it’s Chinese superstition (we have an affinity for 8’s and repetitions), but it just looks cool.  Plus, H2B’s mother always said that when he was born the doctor proclaimed him a “10-10-10 baby.” Ten fingers, ten toes, ten… something else.  Maybe I am reaching.

This is just an estimate, an idea formed by the clueless, not a bad place to start.  Except for the fact it gives me 9 months to go from zero to hero.



5 Responses to “10/10/10”

  1. Jessica Says:

    If you google the date, you can find other people discussing having their wedding on that date! (I even saw someone pick that date over 2 years ago…)

    Even if your wedding was for over a year from now, they would still help you because some people do start planning earlier.

  2. priscilla Says:

    can i suggest 11/02/2011? palindrome day! unless that’s waaay too off in the future?

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