Guest List, etc.

January 12, 2010

A wise bridesmaid urges me to figure out my guest list and set a venue and date before getting too picky about flower arrangements.  I make excuses but ultimately agree.  The only way to get started is to set a goal and make it public.  Here we go.

I, W2B, vow to decide on these 3 items before Valentines Day.  If I fail then my wedding shall be had at a Motel 6 off a beaten path on an hourly rental.  The food will be fish sticks and homemade tarter sauce.  Drinks will be a tribute to my freshman year in college — garbage can sangria and radiation blue punch.  Entertainment is beer pong under disco ball lighting.  All the Natural Light you can drink.  If you show up then I will know you really love me.

Not really.  Although it doesn’t sound half bad.  I had a great time my freshman year.

Actually this is law school.  Great times were had there too.

Item 1.

H2B and I started the guest list.  We opened up Excel and added columns for: B’s family, B’s friends, G’s family, G’s friends, Law school friends, G’s (future) Army people.  A preliminary count yields right around 150 people.

If it was up to me I’d have between 50-100 guests.  Less people + same budget = more to go around.  Or I’ve even entertained a destination wedding to somewhere tropic and reduce the likelihood of RSVP’s.  H2B says his family would come anyway.  Since B’s family count is 6 and G’s family count is 48 (not including children)… I lose either way.

Item 2 is in the works.  We have a few places in mind but it is subject to drastic change dependent on budget and desirability.  More to come on this later.

Item 3 is 10/10/10 until the venue objects.


3 Responses to “Guest List, etc.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hahaha, beer pong at a wedding?? Classy! Ooh, have you thought about what time you’d like the wedding? I was thinking, if you did it earlier in the day (instead of at night), you could get away with not serving dinner, and serving lunch or just appetizers.

    Hehe, good luck with the date. Just keep in mind, it’s not just an issue of venue, but also caterers, entertainment, other services and what not.

    Dang, how is your family count only 6?? The rest are abroad?

    • I’m thinking dinner bc M2B says out of town guests are not going to be happy about flying in for some h’orderves.

      Yea… that’s why part 2 of the wedding will be in China. Even up the odds. G’s family will be 0 and mine will be 1.2 billion. Muahaha!

  2. alice Says:

    good initiative Jane. bravo!

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