DIY Bridal Beauty: Blue eye

January 13, 2010

I reconsidered my previous beauty post bashing blue eyeshadow and relegating it to the 80’s.  The truth is the last time I sported blue on my lids was the same time giant canary yellow hoops of plastic dangled from my ears.  I was also wearing legwarmers over tights and a long t-shirt.  I am a child of the 80’s and I can channel it whenever I damn well please!

My bias aside, blue is a very pretty color and can be classed up – even for a wedding.  The key is to be subtle and use the color as an accent instead of as the star of the show.  Also, it helps if your bridesmaid dresses are in a matching color, so your eyeshadow doesn’t stand alone.  Weddings are about coordination and being matchy matchy, which I am generally not a fan of.  But the bride should play it safe, I suppose.

When wearing color, I suggest priming your lid to help the powder stay on better.  If you are subject to the 5 o’clock crease or meltdown, I am talking to you.  They have fancy shmancy eyelid primers out there (such as Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance) but I find a light swipe of concealer works just fine.  Just don’t cake it on.

Find a beige or skin-colored shadow to brush all over your eyelid, all the way up to the brow bone.  If the idea of having color from lashes to brow bothers you, never fear.  That’s why I said skin-colored.  No one can see it and it brightens up your eye.  Plus it makes the next step much easier.

Get a bright blue shadow.  The brightness is a direct testimony to your boldness and confidence.  It will shear out so I encourage you to be daring at least in the privacy of your bathroom.  Using a tapered brush (sometimes called the blending brush), pick up some blue and put it right above the outside corner of your eye.  Take the same brush and using a windshield wiper motion, blend the blue 1/2 way into your lid.  Take care to keep the brush in the hollow and not the ball of your eye.  You want to keep most of your eyelid blank and confine the color into the crease.  This technique will give you a flash of blue when you blink.  See?  Subtle.

Smudge some color onto the outer 1/3 corner of your bottom lid to tie the look together.  Line with a dark liner.  Curl lashes, yada yada.

  • Beige all-over shadow — MAC Look See (matte)
  • Blue — MAC Jewel Blue
  • Liner — MAC Black Tied

When you are wearing a bold shadow, even sheered out, I advise you to stick with a light lip.  I have fallen victim to color blindness where once you put on one bright color that makes you somehow more confident with all bright colors.  There is one time and place to overdo it (an 80’s party).  All other times and places, go with a peachy or light pink lip.  I wouldn’t go to a nude lipstick for my wedding because I imagine it won’t turn out well on film.  Nude lipstick goes best with a smokey eye, otherwise I look quite dead.

Even Victoria Beckham, who I think is quite gorgeous (in other pictures), overdid the nude lip last night on American Idol.  Though it is possible the lip color is not the main problem here…


3 Responses to “DIY Bridal Beauty: Blue eye”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I surprise myself with my lack of interest in makeup– I’ll definitely be getting my makeup done by someone else whenever I get married!

    Anyway, that is an awful picture of Victoria Beckham. She looks scary skinny and her hips are practically nonexistent (especially when compared to her chest). It makes her look old. The outfit probably doesn’t help. Otherwise, she usually looks great!!

  2. alice Says:

    damn, when did you become the next DIY makeup guru? i’m proud of you. :o)

    victoria beckham looks old, emaciated and terrible in that pic. wtf.

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