Ordered by the US Army

January 13, 2010

H2B got his orders today, yay! Tomorrow we will be going to pick up his military uniforms and groom outfit. Correction, his “evening mess uniform.” It doesn’t sound very formal to me, although it’s supposed to be the equivalent of a tuxedo. In fact, it sounds like it came from the sandbox and needs to be washed.

I guess he won’t have to worry about renting attire. All of his clothing options are now pretty limited. Poor thing got 10 pairs of underwear for Christmas. That might be the only venue in which he can express himself ;).

I am so excited!  Why is it men are so hot in uniform?

A Few Good Men (really good movie about Navy JAG!  Tom Cruise in his younger days)


3 Responses to “Ordered by the US Army”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Well, in this case, Tom Cruise being in the uniform probably helps. =D

    Ooh, email me the details, btw.

  2. monica Says:

    uniforms are hot probably because it denotes some sort of stable profession that can support us. lol bit old fashioned but i really think that’s what it is. or…the stiffness of the fabric hides their fat.

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