H2B Plays Dress Up

January 15, 2010

I think the male version of a shopping blowout occurred yesterday.  4 combat outfits, 10 shirts (at least), 4 shorts, 2 boots, shoes, 3 hats, jacket, beret, and an officer uniform later — H2B left like a kid with a pocket full of sour straws from a candy shop.  The damage was $1300 (not including alterations).  I’m pretty sure never in my life have I had a shopping spree quite so grand.  Or a companion who was so agreeable.

H2B and I have been shopping together on many an occasion.  A trip to the mall usually keeps his attention for 15 min/store.  He’s fairly good at keeping his complaints to himself, and since the invention of the iPhone he’s always found the nearest chair to set up post.  Malls with a TV on ESPN are a special treat.

I suppose women’s clothes just aren’t so interesting, with its bright colors and cute patterns.  Our stores don’t carry ten thousand shades of beige.

Here is H2B looking sharp in his officer service uniform.  This is at alterations before all the decorations are sewn on.  Too bad we didn’t get to take it home yesterday!  I asked the lady why the jacket is black and the pants were blue.  She assured me the jacket is “midnight blue” so they are in the same color family.

This is not the tuxedo equivalent that he’ll be wearing at the wedding.  The evening mess (or is it called dress?) uniform must be custom made and will cost $700.  So I should have at least double that for a dress.  Fair is fair.

JAG insignia that’ll go on his lapels.  The PX store had a wall of ribbons and pins.  It really is too bad you can’t pick and choose.


An aside, or rather a continuation of my previous post here.  H2B likes to sing a little song every time he sees me eat a Hot Pocket.  Over the course of 2 years, he’s sang it about 3 times.  Few things can get H2B to vocalize because he cannot hold a tune and knows it.  In fact, the voice fairy has bypassed his biological family line entirely.  I am rather concerned it might pass down to our future children.  Being Chinese, karaoke is a large part of my life.  We keep a PS2 around purely for the collection of SingStar I have amassed.  It will be a shame to not be able to pass that heirloom onto my progeny.

“Toilet Pocket”


One Response to “H2B Plays Dress Up”

  1. Jessica Says:

    So are the tuxedo colors the same as the uniform above? Haha, so as I’ve gotten older, I generally prefer to shop alone than with other people, but Marc does seem to like shopping with me so we usually go together.

    LOL, I’m not sure about your logic for how the cost of your dress should be at least double his uniform, though a budget of $1400 would be pretty good for your bride’s outfit (I mean including gown, alterations, shoes, etc).

    Haha, I gave up hot pockets a couple of years ago! I’ve been trying to eat less processed foods. I’d really like to make my own soups and stuff.

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