On The Road

January 16, 2010

H2B and I are almost to the end of a halfway cross country drive. The ass is numb, legs are sore and I have a crick in my neck. I haven’t even done any driving.

We just passed “Welcome to Texas” and I am pretty nervous about getting pulled over. The inspection sticker on my windshield says August 2007. Virginia does require inspections but since I have Texas plates, they have no jurisdiction over me. So I have escaped for 3 years. Just give me a couple more days.

Pups is snoozing on my lap. She sleeps more than a newborn. It’s a good thing too since we had to smuggle her into a hotel last night. I was really anxious and figity about it. H2B told me to stop acting so suspicious. “You have obviously never done anything bad before. Nobody cares.”

Look at all of my stuff. H2B has mad packing skillz. What you can’t see is a giant dog crate in the back with a 10 gallon fish tank in it. He fought tooth and nail to bring it. I said it can’t fit and the fish will die. So far everyone lives. We shall see.


One Response to “On The Road”

  1. Jessica Says:

    To your H2B– your W2B is the WORST liar ever. Remind me to tell you a story from high school. =)

    Hahahah, yall brought a 10 gallon fish with fish??

    And yes, you really should get your inspection done, I can’t believe it’s been that long. What about vehicle registration?

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