Bridal Dress Grab

January 19, 2010

As I was lamenting over the price of wedding dresses these days, my friend asked me “why don’t you go to a bridal dress grab?”  It’s a sample sale where dresses that are used as floor samples at bridal boutiques are liquidated en mass.  According to this article by Lei Lydle of, all the dresses, designer brands more often than not, are priced uniformly at $249.  And they are up for grabs to the fastest, most vigilant of brides.

Lei lists out some tips for the savvy sample grabber, my favorites are summarized here.

  1. Go early or go late
  2. Bring a team of girls
  3. Wear matching headgear for quick identification purposes
  4. Wear undergarments/bikinis you are comfortable stripping in the aisle in
  5. Don’t bring your handbags
  6. Be as courteous (as possible) to the other women

I can picture it now.  My girls would wear reindeer headbands for easy spotting, beach totes to collect dresses  and brass knuckles.  One would throw around tulle and white fabric as a diversion tactic.  Meanwhile, I’ll make off with a stash to the men’s restroom.


3 Responses to “Bridal Dress Grab”

  1. Jessica Says:

    haha, are there any in the area?

  2. Liz Says:

    you can also just check out regular sample sales at various bridal stores. i bought my dress at a sample sale – it originally retailed for >$1K but I got it for $400. it’s also a good idea if you plan on getting married in october because then you get to take the dress home that day, instead of waiting 6+ months.

    i know there are many sample sales around late summer… you can call around bridal stores and see if they have any. also, even if there’s not a publicized sample sale, sometimes you can make a deal with them to just buy that sample on sale.

    cautionary note: a lot of bridal stores do not take good care of their samples, resulting in dirty, damaged dresses. luckily, mine was in pretty good condition because the store used plastic covers for their dresses. just make sure your dress is in good condition or can be cleaned/fixed.

    good luck!

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