Clean House, Clear Head

January 19, 2010

I am the type of person who needs organization and a neat desk before I can start work with a clear head.  This is the case before I can get back to wedding planning.  It is of utmost necessity to begin with a clean space.

If you know me (or have lived with me), it’s apparent that I have my mess and there’s an allotment for plenty of dust to settle on corners and shelves.  It’s really not so much about the “cleanliness is next to godliness” factor, but just plain old clutter-free space.  Space being the keyword, and not just a lack of physical space such as a small apartment.  It’s much more lack of space because it is filled with stuff.  It doesn’t really matter how much square footage you start out with.

In such a cluttered situation I feel myself go a little crazy inside.  My chest is tight, I have trouble breathing regularly, and I get fidgety.  It takes a stronger woman than I to sit down for dinner and suppress the overwhelming urge to throw shit away.  Claustrophobic in the making?  Possibly.  I prefer clutter-phobic.

Imagine the crushing blow on my heart as I enter my parents home in over a year and a half.  There are shoes piled halfway up the wall next to the front door.  Cables upon cables lying by the giant CRT TV, brother’s video games camouflaging the coffee table.  The breakfast table in the living room, next to something from the 70’s, with a computer on it.  Pilled high with books and loose paper.  Meanwhile the kitchen barely holds a million and one appliances.

Sorry, dear readers, but I have been plagued with a burning ambition to clean house.  Over the last 2 days we (H2B is a true soldier) have gone through every drawer and cupboard in the kitchen, a storage closet (the horror), and set up our shiny LCD in the den.  And for the love of technology, wireless internet.  Up until today my dad had hardwired the entire house on the ethernet.

Three carloads have been taken to the dump and donations.  I am possibly more thankful to the people who replied to my “for free” Craigslist postings than they are.

Tomorrow we tackle upstairs.

If you don’t understand the feeling or need inspiration to clear your own space, please take a moment to watch Hoarders.  It makes my skin crawl.


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