DIY Bridal Beauty: Breakfast of Champions

January 24, 2010

Let’s talk about beauty from the inside out.  Sure makeup and hair makes us faux-great from the outside.  But it’s the inside that counts, right?  Wrong.  The inside can be full of cheeseburgers and high fructose corn syrup if you can strap on a girdle and hop in a powder room before walking down the aisle.  After all, wedding gowns have room aplenty for stomach-sucking-contraptions.

But if you want to continue looking alluring for the wedding night, read on.

Moms always say drink alot of water, eight 8oz glasses a day.  I have never in my life managed to drink that much water.  Except possibly the day I hiked 8km on the Great Wall of China.

I’ve tried before, in the form of tea (is that cheating?).  That just results in running to the bathroom every hour on the hour.  People in my office must have thought I had a bladder problem necessitating that medication from the pipe people commercial. I dislike that commercial intensely.

Anyways, my rule of thumb is to drink water when you can remember.  Try not to be thirsty for long.

As for food intake, I’ve never had a problem with overeating.  Okay, that is a gross misstatement.  Sushi buffets are a personal weakness.  At least people have always told me I carry it well.

A few years ago a friend clipped me a magazine article about skinny fat people.  It describes those who appear thin, but whose actual body composition is bone and fat.  These people don’t eat well and they don’t think they need to because hey, they’re thin!  Well that described me pretty well.  Lots of fast food and no muscles in my arms.

Since I met H2B (a hobby health enthusiast), I can’t remember the last time I ate McDonalds.  My day always includes a citrus fruit, lots of juice and a cap on chocolates (another personal weakness, I have a few).  No fast food whatsoever.  Maybe a Subway, but preferably Jersey Mikes.  We are guilty of going to Five Guys on occasion.

**A quick aside story about Five Guys.  One day in law school, before I had been enlightened by these delicious burgers, my friend suggested a girls trip (there were 5 of us going) to go shopping and find “5 guys” in a neighboring podunk town.  I did not contain my abhorrence of picking up 5 strange men in the mountains of Virginia.  Now, I welcome the suggestion… delicious**


Eating well and eating good food is pretty much synonymous now.  We spend a lot of time in the fresh produce and meat section and bypass the freezers entirely.  Except to get Alaskan King Crab legs.  H2B makes a killer cocktail sauce.

I thought I’d share a picture of my breakfast.  The photo was taken a few days ago, but this is my favorite cereal of all time.  It’s usually $4 a box, so when it’s buy one get one free I have stock-piled up to 8 boxes at a time.  So you can rest assured I ate it this morning.  And I will be eating it tomorrow morning.  And the next day.  And probably on my wedding day.  That is why this is relevant to a wedding blog.

Hint: It is most delicious if you microwave the milk for 90 sec before putting the little bites in.

Don’t forget to pop your beauty pills.

It’s not all mine.  We both take a Calcium, super B complex and Fish Oil.  H2B also takes glucosamine to keep his bones sticking together in boot camp.


5 Responses to “DIY Bridal Beauty: Breakfast of Champions”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, so wouldn’t the moral of the story be that, yes, the inside DOES count?

    Mini-wheats little bites– is that supposed to be healthy too?

    I’ve always had a problem drinking enough water so now I always carry water on me and avoid drinking anything else during the day. I do have juice at home but that’s about it. BUT store-bought juice can contain a lot of sugar, so I’ve been told to check the labels. I know it’s best to just eat fruit over drinking juice but I haven’t gotten there yt.

    It’s good that you have citrus everyday! I’m trying to drink water with some lime juice in it every morning– doc recommended it!

  2. priscilla Says:

    super B complex? all B vitamins? i hate to say it, but you may be wasting a lot of money there. it’s all water soluble, and you’re basically peeing it all out. as long as you eat a balanced diet (eat the rainbow!) you shouldn’t have a problem w/ vitamin deficiency.

    • i’ve noticed that i pee it all out, but isn’t it good to take it anyway? for the just in case i didn’t eat a balanced diet that day. it also has biotin in there for skin, nails and hair.

      it’s nice to have a doc commenting!

      • priscilla Says:

        nah, it takes A LOT more than just a few days of an unbalanced diet to make you deficient. for instance, we have 3-4 YEARS worth of B12 in our bodies right now. even other water solubles like vit C, we have months worth of stores. i have no idea about the biotin stuff. fish oil…sure. doesn’t hurt.

        keep up the calcium tho. that’s a good choice.

  3. […] of myself (as far as eating 3 nutritious meals a day now that H2B is not forcing me to be healthy, previous post be damned).  It takes all of my willpower and loud whining by Pups to drag myself out of bed in […]

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