Flip Book Fun

January 26, 2010

Last weekend my maid of honor (MoH) and I went to another wedding convention. This one was much bigger than the previous expo I attended, and much more protective of their vendors. No cameras allowed. We were prepared with 2 cameras to take lots of pictures and share it with you, but alas.

Instead I can only share the good ideas that we came away with. Possibly the most fun thing we did was a flip book. The vendor is called The Mobile Flipbook Studio. They come to your wedding and set up a corner to take 7 second videos of the guests. The video is separated into 50 frames or so, which then prints immediately and translates into a mini flipbook.

Here is our sample. It took us 2 tries because we are not good mimes. Although I must say MoH’s expression of surprise in the second frame is quite convincing.

If I remember correctly, the rental is $350/hour and includes setup, unlimited flipbooks made, and an attendant staffing the equipment.


One Response to “Flip Book Fun”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, that boa looks silly on me! Do you have a scanner? I’d like a digital copy of the other photo booth pics =)

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