Alfred Angelo

January 27, 2010

H2B promised not to look at any of these pictures.  H2B, if you are reading this your pants will spontaneously burst into flames.

He said he doesn’t want to see me in a wedding dress until The Day, but I have to post these for you.  I wouldn’t mind if he came dress shopping with me, but he’s a little old fashioned.  I asked for his evaluation so I can pick something we both like.  This is all he has to say on the topic.  “Fitted on the top, a little poof on the front, a big poof on the back, but not so big I can’t stand next to you.”

This is the first one I tried on.  On the hanger, the ruching looked bulky and awkward.  Surprisingly nice (and slimming) on.  I like the bodice and the skirt, but there is too much fro fro in the chest.

The mermaid.  I gave it another shot with some different opinions.  Still bad.

The princess.  It was my favorite one to try on in the store and I thought for sure this is it.  Alot of fun to wear and prance around in.  Translates rather badly on film.  The shiny boob covers looks too much like Madonna’s cone cups.


Too “the prince and I?”

Slim shady.  No omph.  The draping on the front is good for a yacht wedding.

The last one I tried on and the best in retrospect.  I wanted to stay away from the comforter look in the skirt but it does look nice bunched together.  I think this skirt is to H2B’s liking.

The boob shot.  I really like the diagonal floral beading.


5 Responses to “Alfred Angelo”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Well, you know what I think– I like the first and last one! My mom really liked the first one for some reason. Anyway, can’t wait to go with you to see more wedding dresses! =)

  2. M2B Says:

    Jane you look beautiful in all the dresses! Just remember it’s the Bride that makes the dress…. and you will be one beautiful bride!!

  3. Liz Says:

    I like the princess the best. I think if you tried on a one with a different chest design, it’d look better on film.

    I also like the mermaid too – maybe I have to see it from a different angle.

  4. alice Says:

    i like the last one

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