Venue: City Club

January 28, 2010

Skyline high rise reception trying to part me from my pocketbook.  See the green building?  It’s on the top floor.


Ceremony rental fee is $1,200 to accommodate 200 guests.

Reception rental fee for the North dining room is $850 and the South dining room is $1000, possibly due to the size of the room.  Hopefully not due to the slums being in the northern view and the high-rises on the southern.

My favorite reception dinner

  • Two butler passed canapes
  • Fresh fruit/cheese display
  • Grilled marinated veggies display
  • Poached shrimp and crab claws on ice
  • Three hot hors d’oeuvres
  • Assorted pasta station
  • New york strip sirloin carving station
  • Smoke salmon side station

$41/person.  Much more reasonable (and delicious sounding) than the Hilton.  A grand view to boot.  Fine print: chef attendants required for all stations at $100 each, add 21% service charge and local sales tax.

Now here’s the most shocking part.  The alcohol is reasonable as well!  Unless of course, I’ve been bedazzled by some ridiculous numbers and my judgment is no longer sound.  You let me know.

Premium open bar for 4 hours priced per person — $28 + 21% + tax.  Premium includes:

  • Vodka — Absolute, Stoli, Grey Goose
  • Gin — Tanqueray, Bombay
  • Scotch — Chivas, Glenlivit
  • Bourbon — Crown Royal, Wellers
  • Rum — Captain Morgan, Malibu
  • Tequila — Patron

Sounds pretty snazzy to me.  I don’t know much about liquor but I remember Patron being a big deal in college.

Ok lets sum this up.  Assume we do the ceremony and reception there, that’s $1,200 + $1,000 (since the South-facing direction seems more preferable).  150 guests both eating and drinking well, including service charge and tax, is $13,500 give or take.  Total = $15,700.  Unless I’m missing something, that’s almost half of the Hilton (which I didn’t include the ceremony).  Hm… strange indeed.

By the way, this includes tables, chairs, eating tools and waitstaff.  Perhaps intriguing enough that H2B and I will take a tour.


2 Responses to “Venue: City Club”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Let me know if you check it out! I think the books I gave you has tips on what to ask vendors.

  2. […] 29, 2010 According to my earlier post, I liked the menu and prices at the City Club enough to follow up with a showing.  Most […]

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