City Club (update)

January 29, 2010

According to my earlier post, I liked the menu and prices at the City Club enough to follow up with a showing.  Most unfortunately for us, we went to see the view of the city during a thunderstorm.  Instead of the skyline and lights, we got a view of fog and rain.  I took a couple fuzzy phone pics of the room.

The tables and chairs will be replaced with round banquet tables that seat 10.

I did miss something in my calculation from the previous post.  There is a “Wedding Packet” that is additional.  It includes nicer chairs (the complimentary ones are completely unacceptable, see above), floral centerpieces, colored satin linens, and a bridal cake.  For $16/person.  That adds $2,400 to the tab.

Talking to the lady, she agreed to give me the satin linens for free and add $6/chair because they have to rent them.  However… if the wedding party the day before ours orders the chairs, we can use them for free.


  • It’s on the 69th floor of the Bank of America building, the tallest one in downtown
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • All you can eat food for what I picked out (2 hours)
  • Decent open bar prices for 4 hours, then based on consumption
  • Free dance floor (from bridal show)
  • Free parking across the street with underground passageway
  • Wedding coordinator included


  • Not the tallest ceilings I’ve seen
  • Carpet.  Old fashioned carpet on most of the floors
  • Old fashioned curtains in the corners.  They may be removable
  • H2B used the bathroom there.  According to him, they look great but smell like sewers.  This will most definitely break the deal if confirmed.  Advise to myself and future venue seekers: Always use the facilities
  • Room rental is for 4 hours.  Each additional hour is $200.  H2B is of the impression the party should last for 5-6 hours.  I’ve never been to a wedding so I have no idea, but 4 hours sounds fine to me.  Weigh in?

4 Responses to “City Club (update)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Yeah, wedding parties seem to usually last more than 4 hours. I mean you have to factor in time to setup and take down (right?) and then people don’t always come right on time…then there’s eating, toasts, dancing, walking around to all the tables, cutting the cake, etc…then people linger for awhile because everyone will want to get a picture with the newlyweds! You could probably ask the venue about how it usually works for set up and clean up and if that’s part of your 4 hours.

  2. Jessica Says:

    Oh yeah, is there an actual dance floor or would it all be on carpet?

  3. Liz Says:

    Yeah, I’d say at least 5 hours.

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