Venue: H2B’s Base

January 30, 2010

We took a drive to H2B’s base earlier this week and had a look around. The entire base had a Mediterranean feel, with yellow stucco buildings and orange tiles. The reception is held in the officer’s club.

There are a number of party rooms inside. The nicest (by far) is the Artillery room. You can see the two large windows on the second floor. High vaulted dark wooden beams in the ceiling, hard wood floor, flags on both sides. I would have loved to take a pic for you, but they were hosting a party in there and a colonel was staring us down.

The room rental is $275 *shock/surprise/delight* and holds 150 people. There is a larger ballroom in the back on the first floor that holds 500 people. It’s a pretty normal room as far as they go I suppose, low-ish ceilings, white walls, carpet. Nothing extraordinary. My main worry is we’ll go over 150 people and can’t have it in the gorgeous Artillery room.

All this talk so far of reception areas, I haven’t touched on the ceremony much at all. H2B has a strong preference towards chapels and churches. I don’t really have a preference either way, but I do want a big dress with a big train. That will probably work best indoors and look nice walking down the aisle of a chapel. Tradition, tradition.

There were several chapels to pick from on the base. Our favorite was a tiny quaint little cottage chapel, but it only holds 60. This one is the runner up.

The courtyard on the left of the chapel. The main entrance is to the right of this picture. Saving the best for last, the interior.

Stained glass on both sides.

I haven’t looked into ceremony sites for the other venues discussed earlier. I consider it a minor detail in planning, since it’s really all about the party. If it wasn’t for the giant dress I want, the ceremony can be skipped altogether. Hm, is it bad taste to plan around the dress?

Anywho. We found H2B’s future work building.

Officer’s housing. There’s a waitlist to get into these and preference goes to families with children. We probably won’t get to live here for some time.

Another downside in this location is a lack of nice hotels. A couple of Holiday Inn Express and that’s about it. No way Jose. Since most of our guests will be flying in to a city 1 hour away, we think they can be set up there and be carted into the base for the day. There is the problem of transporting 150 people.

The city (1 hour away) is quite nice though. We spent the night there because Holiday Inn Express is an outrage on Priceline. The Mariott is a much more economical way to go. It’s a topsy turvy world indeed.

Possible area for the rehearsal dinner.


2 Responses to “Venue: H2B’s Base”

  1. Liz Says:

    The base sounds pretty cool!

  2. […] So H2b and I have pretty much set our decision on his army post (not base, base is a navy term apparently).  Post sounds weird though.  That decision is one based on the best venue for both a reception AND the much neglected ceremony, price, and the fact that I can probably still reserve space there.  It’s also the most beautiful space I’ve seen and the perfect one for 150.  You can see our visit here. […]

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