Venue: Aquarium (a visit)

February 5, 2010

For H2B’s last day in town we took a visit to the aquarium to check it out as a possible wedding venue.  Tickets are a whopping $21/person.  So of course I got in touch with the events people there and took a tour instead.  No entrance fee and free parking.

So the aquarium is split into 3 areas each available for rental.  The reef room is the smallest at $1,000 for an evening.

The banquet room above the Reef Room.

The Rainforest is 3 stories and costs $1,500.  It is our favorite of the three.

Since I haven’t considered ceremony venues much at all, we are thinking of having it here at the foot of the waterfall.  The space is kindof small so there will be 10-20 chairs for the older folks and most of the guests will be standing.  I’ve been told the ceremony is the most boring part and shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes anyway.  So looking below, the doorway will pull close to reveal a lighted acrylic paneling (it has black stripes on it when closed).  That’s where the bride/groom will end up.  Maids and groomsmen will stand to either side.

This is the other side.  I’ll walk down the pathway on the left.

This is the lower level of the rainforest.  Very cool.

Mr. Manatee up close and personal.  He’s going to be our officiant.

The banquet room.

Here is Mundo Maya.  It is the largest facility and costs $2,500.  For that price, you get flamingos, sharks, and a leopard.

All in all, it is a sweet and unique venue.  We thoroughly enjoyed our free tour and the aquarium is now a serious contender in my book.  I’ve emailed the event planner the menu and drinks that we want along with some specific requests.  She should be getting back to me in the next couple of days with the final figure.  I’ll post that when I get it.

One issue of note.  The aquarium has live animals in it and smells like it.  The rainforest is warm (not sweltering hot) and smells musky.  The Mundo Maya area smells like a zoo (leopard poo?).  However, the banquet rooms are aroma free, thankfully.  I wonder if the olfactory offenses will outweigh the coolness of this venue.  The staff assured me they go through and burn incense throughout before an event.


One Response to “Venue: Aquarium (a visit)”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hm, not crazy about the ceremony space with people standing but I guess you’d just have to work with it.

    How many people did they say that area could hold? What about the reception area?

    I’d google it and see what other people said about the venue for weddings.

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