DIY Beauty: Mustard, Kiwi and Black Honey

February 7, 2010

I’m a big fan of mustard on my sandwiches.  The dark kind with little seeds in it, not so much the bright yellow bottle.  Sometimes I like to have my eyes match my condiments, so here we go — mustard yellow and kiwi green lids, black honey lips.  Healthy and delicious.

Using a fluffy brush, apply the mustard yellow all over your lid stopping at the crease (where your eyeball ends).  Take the kiwi green and deposit the color at the outer corner of your eye.  Blend it on your crease and halfway toward the center of your lid.  Add some kiwi green to the outer half of your lower lash line.  Apply more mustard yellow to your tear duct and inner half of the lower lash line.  Apply black eyeliner, curl lashes and go.



Hm… the kiwi looks a bit more olive here.  I must remember to use a real camera and not rely on the webcam.

For someone who harps on brows quite a bit, I must apologize for mine here.  During the move it seems my mini scissors have been misplaced.

Lips.  I looove fun lipsticks and how it can dramatically change a look.  A tried and true favorite of every high school teenager’s is Clinique’s Black Honey.  It looks black in the tube but imparts a berry sheen that makes one look polished but not overdone.  Lasting power is not great if you plan on eating, but it’s so easy to reapply (and does not pill up like dryer lipsticks tend to do).

Ignore the dark line at the bottom.  It’s awkward shadowing, not a bad lipliner job.  I rarely use lipliner.  In my opinion, it’s excessive to buy a lipliner and lipstick that match and unmatching liners to lipstick creates the cut-out lip effect.  Occasionally, I might wear just a lipliner colored all over for its lasting power.

Here are the products I used today.  NARS makes it simple to coordinate your eyes while using more than 1 shade.  This is the Sea, Sex & Sun duo.  Don’t you love them for their product names?  The lipstick is Clinique Black Honey.


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