Honeymoon Dreaming

February 10, 2010

Since I obviously can’t stay on track, I might as well stop trying.   In this inclimate frigid weather, I can’t help but day dream of warm beaches and blue water.  It brings me back to three years ago (has it really been that long?) when I was backpacking through England, Greece and Spain.  Greece was my all time favorite place.  Specifically, the island of Mykonos.  Just take a look and you will understand.

Yes it is all real.  The white houses with blue shutters along the shoreline.  The outdoor cafes, family owned and delicious.  The beaches!  God, the beaches.  This was right before I met H2B and I want to return with him.  It would be a perfect honeymoon location.  Far enough away to forget home.  Not total luxury where you drink too much and get fat.  Rent a scooter and beach hop until sunset.

Yeap, that’s me languishing in the sun.


One Response to “Honeymoon Dreaming”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Looks AWESOME. I want to go!!!

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