Holy Crapoli It’s Snowing in TX

February 11, 2010

So I’m sure all the DC people are rolling their eyes at Texas, but I just got up and looked outside.  This is what I saw.

It is still coming down.  Keep in mind the last time there was enough snow to make a 1′ tall snowman was sometime in 2003.  Very unusual for Texas.  Pups is not going to like peeing outside this morning.  It is unfortunate for me that I gave her a bath last night.  I suppose I’m lucky it’s not dirty acid rain instead.

I personally am not a fan of snow. *distant shrieking and mad waving of arms*  It’s alright and kindof fun when it first starts with a few flurries.  I do like the snowman building part, as well as treading through a fresh patch with giant boots on.  What I don’t like is living in it.  Snow is nice to visit and then leave.  I really feel for the DC/Maryland people right now who are trapped in their homes.  Because the worst part is yet to come — when the snow melts and turns into brown slush.  At that time work will resume and nice shoes will hide in the closet and hemlines will be in danger.

Although being trapped at home is a nice idea if you have a fire going, a good book and a mug of hot coco.  I am a sucker for hot coco.  With marshmallows, of course.  And whipped cream if you’ve got it.

H2B makes the best hot coco.  Occasionally he froths the milk like a cappuccino.  Mine is on the left because I tend to opt for the seasonal cheer.

Our snowman “dude” from Virginia 2008 wants to say hi and have a beer.  He insists that snow is not so bad if you can drink and forget about it.  Oh, law school days…

I’m scheduled to have lunch with a couple friends in 2 hours.  Unsuccessfully tried to chicken out due to the weather.  Got called out for being a “nerd.”  How that is applicable I will never know.  Just know that the lesson here is peer pressure will persevere regardless of reason for I will risk life and limb to avoid being labeled a “nerd” and make it to lunch.


One Response to “Holy Crapoli It’s Snowing in TX”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, you know, it already snowed a couple of times in Dallas in December! It even snowed in Houston this year! But not today, it’s not cold enough here for snow, it’s just rainy.

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