Bridal Hairdos

February 12, 2010

I like to think I am pretty good at doing makeup (my own that is).  So if any costs will be cut, it will be on the $175 makeup trials.  I’m not even sure that figure includes the actual makeup day.  An issue may arise in bridesmaids makeup though.  My sad attempt at doing MoH’s eyes one late night did not impress her much.

Hair is my weakness.  H2B has requested on more than one occasion that I go to a salon and get a “style,” whatever that means.  My hair is long-ish right now, about to the shoulder blades.  Usually I get it cut at Great Clips or Super Clips, some place that attempts to sound enthusiastic, for about $20.  This happens once or twice a year.  Last time I got it cut was in China for maybe $8.  There are layers in there somewhere, but for the most part I just wear it up in a bun secured by a black clip.  Low maintenance or no maintenance?

H2B’s haircuts cost more than mine.  Although his latest haircut by the US Army is about as unstylish as it gets.  The drill sergeant’s only request was “make sure I can see the skin on the sides of your head.”  Here’s hoping he gets to grow it out before the wedding, or my hair will have to make it up for the both of us.

Hairdos I’m looking at:

Beach bride.  I love this look, but seeing as how I have stick straight hair it’s a far cry from realistic.

The romantic.  A high, loose bun.  This is pretty much a variation of what I sport every day.  Without the curls or flowers of course.  Very traditional and elegant.

Vintage charm.  I like the idea of a low gathering of hair with a shiny clip.

Retro Bride.  This hairrdo defies gravity and something about its bulbous amorphous shape appeals to the sci-fi geek in me.

The traditional updo.  Clearly, I’m going to go with an updo for the wedding.  There’s something beautiful about leaving the neck and shoulders clean.

The source of all these photos is ModelBride.


3 Responses to “Bridal Hairdos”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, how come all those pictures are of curly (with the exception of the weird retro wavy one) hair? I do think that a low side bun would look cute on you! How the hair looks at the end will definitely have a lot to do with who you choose to be your stylist.

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