H2B Gets Gassed

February 16, 2010

As I am typing this, H2B is probably experiencing his most trying day in the Army JAG so far — the gas chamber.  It’s a rite of passage every soldier must go through.  A group goes into a small room with gas masks on, they release tear gas and make you take the masks off.   The name of the game is to prove to you that gas masks work.  If it was me, I’d watch a video and take their word for it.

Here’s a clip of what the experience is like if you want to count your blessings. Tear gas goes into your eyes, your nose, your lungs, and even permeates your skin.   It makes mucus run.   Don’t even think about rubbing your face because it will only make it worse.  Some people throw up.

It is surprising that the Army make their JAG Corp go through the same routine of learning to crawl around a forest, shoot a rifle, tear gas, etc. that their regular recruits do.  As H2B said, “you know something’s wrong when the JAGS and chaplains in the back room are doing the shooting.”


4 Responses to “H2B Gets Gassed”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hahah oh man that sucks!! But like you said, it is a rite of passage and there are things that everyone in the Army has to go through. It definitely takes some balls to do this stuff, lol. It makes sense really actually– how can lower level Army guys respect their officers if they don’t go through the same shit?

  2. M2B Says:

    John and Jonathan elected not to tell me about this…. Guess they thought that there was a good possibility that I would round up a group of moms, show up, and go nuts…. Just kidding! Hopefully, it is over with by now, and I will just hear about the experience.

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