Hot Yoga Bridal Body Coming Right Up

February 17, 2010

I tried bikram yoga for the first time today and sweated more in 60 minutes than a whole Texas summer.   The room is a toasty 98 degrees which was nice for about 5 seconds after coming in from the cold.   Then we started movement and I began to see stars.  At one point I am sure I lost my vision but somehow managed to recover in time before losing balance.

The class is for an hour with 36 continuous movements.  Some require balancing (which I am terrible at) and some require flexibility (which I am improving upon).  Then some require abs… possibly my worst subject.  You get a towel which is absolutely essential as sweat starts dripping into the eyes and mouth (and nose when you are inverted).  I wore my usual capri lounge pant, sports bra and tanktop.  The guy in front of me was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.  One lady had a full stretchy pants and long sleeve shirt layered on top of another.  I have no idea how she managed.  Although I’ve heard rumors that Jackie Chan exercises in a full tracksuit so he can sweat as much as possible, thereby increasing… something.  Losing water retention = hot body I hope.

This is the unlikely goal.


Whoa that is a big picture.  I suppose the image size of aspirations should be large enough to keep me inspired.

Anyway, at the end of it I looked like a monster emerging from the deep.  Loud erratic breathing, completely soaked and flaring at the nostrils.  This is the first time I’ve exercised so hard I had to change my underwear.  Too much information, sorry.


This is the image that popped up when I googled “monster from the deep.”  An accurate representation.

Sunstone Yoga has a $10 for 10 days promotion going on right now.  They have numerous locations all over Texas, so if you have one nearby I suggest trying it out.  I enjoyed it tremendously despite my whiny ways.


One Response to “Hot Yoga Bridal Body Coming Right Up”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, I love hot yoga! All that sweating is great for detoxing. In any case, if you consume a lot of salt, you’ll maintain water anyway. But yeah, this is one of those ‘quick fixes’ for losing water weight temporarily.

    Anyway, if you want to resize that photo, it can be easily done…

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