Venue: Dallas Museum of Art

February 19, 2010

This is almost the perfect venue.  I can’t tell you what a pain it is to find one place that is suitable for both the ceremony and reception.   H2B would like to have a religious ceremony but we are not affiliated with any churches in the area.   I’ve looked in to some and they either require you to be a member and/or get marriage counseling for X number of months, be of their religion, plus huge money.   Well I’m not comfortable with any of those things.   Nor am I comfortable with a complete stranger marrying us.   I much prefer to ask the judge I clerked for a couple of years ago (we still maintain a good relationship) to do the honor.

It would also be nice to have the ceremony physically close to the reception site for our out of town guests.   There will be many (30ish) since all of H2B’s family is on the east coast.  Otherwise, I have no clue how to arrange for transportation.

So the DMA can provide for both.  The sculpture garden for the ceremony and restaurant 1717 for the reception.  Rental of both facilities is $2500, including a mandatory $500 membership.  I’ve noticed all museums ask for a membership or patronage.  Some cost as much as $1500.

Why is it almost perfect?  Because as if the facility rental is not high enough, there is a charge per person for furniture and dining essentials of $7/person.  AND another $7/person charge for chairs at the ceremony.  Why they can’t use the same damn chairs for both closely held events I will never know.

Other than that, the food and beverage prices are comparable to the other venues I am looking at.  Grand total guesstimate for the DMA = $20,000+.

It sure looks nice though…

Sculpture garden

Not really sure where this is.  Front of the museum?

1717 main dining room

Dance floor (extra $ probably… oops forgot to count this in)

Cafe outdoor patio

I love it.  I should go visit it and try my negotiation skills.


One Response to “Venue: Dallas Museum of Art”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Yes, that is in front of the museum! I went to a free concert there last year.

    That would definitely be a cool venue!

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