Venue: House of Blues

March 1, 2010

There are actually other venues other than museums and hotels.  For example, restaurants.   I’ve been to the House of Blues Dallas for lunch before and it’s a pretty wacky place.   It has the type of space that is a more interesting template than a traditional ballroom, and it can go medieval castle wedding or circus chic (which is actually a wedding theme according to some magazines I’ve been reading).  Anyway, the food should be good as I remember, and since they are a restaurant, food is their business.

Their Foundation dining room is by far the coolest room, with an fireside lounge and a Prayer room with stone Buddhas and fountains.  It’s too bad it only seats 50.

The spaces that will fit 150 are the Music Hall (which is where their live music takes place) and the main restaurant.

Music Hall:

Definitely looks like concert space.  Perhaps too much unless I can get Michael Buble to show up.


Special Events room, which can fit 150 without a dance floor:

After a few emails back and forth, I could not get the person in charge to tell me if there is a facility rental fee.  So I assume there’s a hefty one.

The food packages are similarly priced to other places I’ve seen — $45-55/person for h’orderves, salad, carving station, dessert.  4 hour open bar for call brands is $33/person.  Fairly typical, although I had somehow thought it would be cheaper than catering at a museum.  The reasoning being it is not unusual for a restaurant to make a large amount of food.  Plus you’d think it would at least be cheaper than ordering from the menu where everyone wants something different.  Anyway, I’ve come to realize that the wedding markup is a very real and very not-venue-specific thing.

Some cool things the House of Blues has to offer is live music (should it fit into your budget), go go dancers, green screen photography (you choose the background), living statues (which is actually kindof cool… if you’ve seen the movie Year One), fortune tellers, and a buttsketcher.  A person who draws the rear ends of your guests.  This might just beat the shutterbooth option.


2 Responses to “Venue: House of Blues”

  1. Jessica Says:

    House of Blues is well known for being a concert venue! There’s one in Houston too (as well as many other cities).

    LOL, buttsketcher!

    How much was your total estimate?

    • around $16,000 but then i still dont know if there’s a rental fee. there *shouldnt* be considering this is a restaurant (they should just have a minimum), but you never know. i asked the question in an email and they didn’t address it at all. at this point i don’t think im interested enough to follow up.

      i must say the wedding markup is really really annoying.

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