An Unfortunate Abbreviation

March 2, 2010

By now, you all should know I love abbreviations on this blog (and during AIM chit chat).  It saves wear and tear on the fingers.  Also with H2B being in the Army now.  The Army loves its abbreviations to the extent that it becomes a foreign language within English.  For example, when we received H2B’s orders we were on our way out the door so he asked me to read them to him in the car.  I got past the salutation and maybe one sentence before I realized, hey some of these words don’t have any vowels.  They even abbreviate their clothes.  For example, PT gear = workout clothes, ACU = camo.  Don’t even get me started on their usage of time.  0430 is when he gets up.  2100 is when he goes to bed.  Did I get that right?  Sorry, I grew up in England where we have tea at five thirty o’clock.

Some abbreviations, however, come out rather unfortunate at first and subsequent glances.  I was browsing through wedding blogs, as I do in the AM, and came across this little treasure.  DIY Bride.  Many years ago I used to be good at crafts and I love the idea of creative handmade invitations.  In this particular tutorial, the author abbreviated “save the date” as STD.  One sentence actually says “Alie printed vintage hankies for inclusion with her STDs.”  Yeap.  I even read through the comments to see if anyone was laughing out loud or reminding Alie not to get STDs on hankies she’s passing out, but of course my immaturity is unsurpassed even on the internet.

Well boys and girls, be prepared to receive a giant envelope stuffed full of  “my STDs” in the near future.  Just don’t blow your nose in it.

Though I have to admit the idea of hankies wrapped in brown paper is an excellent one.



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