W2B in the making – Basil Egg Salad

March 3, 2010

Since I’ve moved back home it’s gotten alot tougher to get back into cooking.  Mostly because my mom is happy to do the job and she doesn’t like “weird western food.”  My brother is a strong proponent of my cooking though, and he pitches in sometimes.  My laziness also likes to make strategic appearances right when I am most inspired.  But yesterday, I was at a public library reading a Glamour Magazine (yes, very strange circumstances).  At the very back is a random recipe page.  I’ve been a subscriber to Glamour in my past and never have I noticed a cooking section.  Whoa, selective vision.  My transformation into a W2B is in the making!

There on the last page was the most delicious, most simple egg salad sandwich recipe.  I just made it for lunch and it was all I had imagined.

Basil Egg Salad.

Ingredients: 4-5 eggs, 1/3 cup of mayo, 1 tb dijon mustard, pickles, paprika (I didn’t have this), ground pepper, fresh basil, and 12 grain bread

  • Bring lightly salted water to boil, enough to cover the eggs
  • Pop the eggs in (gently, without cracking them like I did.  I hurled the eggs in because I was scared to get splashed)
  • Cover, turn the heat off and let it sit for 18-20 min
  • Dice the pickles, put into a bowl, add the mayo and mustard
  • Drain the eggs and run cool water until it can be handled, then peel
  • I suggest just cutting the eggs in half, toss it into the bowl and chop it with a spoon.  I tried chopping it the normal way on a cutting board with a knife.  Messy idea.
  • Grind pepper, mix the contents of the bowl
  • Spread onto a slice of 12 grain bread
  • Add chopped fresh basil on top (the most important part)
  • Enjoy!

Here’s mine:

My mom found the rest of the egg salad in the fridge.  She’s like “You made this?  It’s very good.”  No clue that it goes between sandwich bread.  She was spooning it from the bowl.  I love my mama.


2 Responses to “W2B in the making – Basil Egg Salad”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hehe, egg salad doesn’t have to be eaten with bread! I like making deviled eggs every so often and just keeping it in the fridge for a quick snack/breakfast.

    • oo i love deviled eggs. mmm. you can also sub capers for pickles in my recipe. that actually sounds more delicious (and was the original recipe, i couldnt locate capers at my kroger).

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