A Day in the Life of H2B

March 5, 2010

I am officially stalker-wife.  I logged into H2B’s facebook account the other day and checked out the pictures uploaded from his squad (platoon?) group.  Actually, I feel rather entitled to log onto his account as I am the one who created it in the first place.  H2B is slow in joining the progressive generation Y social networking phenomenon.  I joined Facebook when it first started back in 2003 or 4.  Around its inception, I actually got a phone call from my undergraduate college newspaper doing a survey on what people thought of sites like Facebook and Friendster.  At the time my feedback wasn’t so positive.  There may have been words like “stalkerish” and “pointless” exchanged.  Well, that was before the days of the mini-feed.  As a blossoming IP attorney, I must share with you this interesting tidbit.  Do you know that Facebook got a patent on the mini-feed??  The concept of taking snippets of activity and compiling it into a continuous update service like the news stream.  Wow.  Too bad for Twitter, since that’s basically its life goal.

Anyway, my point is this.  I made up the password that H2B still has not changed until this day.  Thus, it’s pretty much my account to do with how I wish.  Haha, logic.  Gotta love it.

So this is a day in the life a US Army trainee.

Standing in the snow in Virginia at 5 am.  There is H2B smack in the middle on the front row!  I am so proud.

Lining up at attention.

Actual gassing footage.  It burns my eyes just looking at it.  Strangely similar to a scene from 24 when CTU got gassed and everybody died.  Except with a happier ending.

A band of brothers marching by.  H2B has expressed on many an occasion how much he dislikes the neon orange strap you see there.  During PT (physical training in the wee hours of the morning), they are forced to wear grey Army shirts, “dorky” black tracksuits, and this orange band strapped diagonally across their chest.  “It makes me feel like a newb.” — H2B.

Law school time.  The most relaxing photo from the bunch.


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