Not a Morning Person

March 8, 2010

I am here in Virginia, awake at 9am visiting H2B.  While 9am doesn’t sound so early to most people, let me tell you I’ve actually been awake since 4.19am Eastern time.  That’s about when H2B gets up to do his morning routine before PT (physical training).  He tells me to put on my eye mask and go back to sleep.  Easier said than done when he turns on the TV and brushes his teeth like an elephant.  If elephants brushed their teeth, it would sound like H2B this morning.

He returns at 7am-ish and showers like an elephant too (see below).  At that point I’ve been a zombie with an upside down eyemask on for about 3 hours.  We go eat breakfast at the hotel restaurant and I am surprised to be the only person in PJ’s.  Somehow all the other visiting girlfriends/fiancees/wives are looking alive.  They must not be marrying elephants.

H2B responds by laughing at me and pointing out the fact I didn’t do 150 pushups before the sun came up or run 2 miles in sub-30 F.  I’m pretty sure I am the one on “vacation” this week, not him.  Somebody has to earn the bacon around here.  I am just suffering collaterally (needlessly).


3 Responses to “Not a Morning Person”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha read this online:

    “I’m in the Army stationed in Texas and it started snowing early this morning. We were sent home at lunch and told to come back in tomorrow at 10. We normally have to do PT at 630. IMMD!”

    • Wow that is a pretty good deal. H2B’s location snowed in one morning (during the blizzard outside DC) and he was told to go home (at 6am) and return at 8am… the same day.

      • Jessica Says:

        haha dammn, yea, you know it is in Texas! a little bit of ice/snow and everyone loses their mind!

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