Visa Black Card

March 15, 2010

I have no idea why I got an invitation to receive the exclusive  Visa Black Card.  Isn’t it limited to the likes of P. Diddy and dot com millionaires?  It must be a sign of the times, banks opening up their VIP membership to mere mortals (or in this case, unemployed lawyers) in the hopes of $495 more per year.  That’s how much it costs to be part of this club.  An annual membership fee exceeding most interest payments buys you a 24-hour concierge, an exclusive rewards program, and “Luxury Gifts from some of the world’s top brands.”  Inconspicuous enough?  Well, nothing beats the feeling of a little black card made with real carbon that only 1% of all US residents hold.  Perhaps we’re short of organic materials in this world.  Perhaps 99% of US residents have brains.

In any case, dear Visa Black Card Customer Experience Director, thank you for the pre-screened offer of credit and promise of elitism.  But I must graciously decline.  I much prefer not to add $495 onto the wedding tally of this year.  Unless of course, the 24-hour concierge is a wedding planner and the exclusive rewards program nets me a lovely reception for 150.  Luxury Gifts from my registry might seal the deal.  Only then, I’d be interested.  For 1 year.

Edit:  I have been informed that the mystical exclusive black card is actually the American Express Centurion Card (which is black and made of aluminum) where you have to charge $250,000/annulam.  The Visa one is a knock off and not nearly as cool.  To get the Centurion, you have to be a holder of the Platinum card, then pay a one time fee of $5,000 and have impeccable credit and assets to match.  Prior to 2006, this black card was by invitation only.  Now you can apply for one if you have a proven track record of spending $250,000 a year on your Platinum.

Perks include automatic upgrades on hotels and airplanes, free one night stays at certain resorts, and partial ownership of a private jet.  Read more here.


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