The Blues Reception

March 17, 2010

I am home from a wonderful week with H2B and back to reality.  But not so fast, first I want to share some highlights from the week.  There were some lolights as well — mostly to do with waking up at 4.30am then listening to H2B snore at 9.30pm.  After a few days I got used to it and his schedule (as well as going back to central time) has made the time change super easy.

I didn’t do much all of last week other than lazy about, watch marathons of America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, make H2B dinner as best as I can with no spices or an oven, and shop.  I’m not much of a salad eater but H2B is a good influence and I do like smoked salmon.  This is whipped up in a moment of clarity (I don’t have many of these in relation to cooking) with leftovers from meatball spaghetti and an egg salad.

Friday night we had the dress blues reception.  This was the first time I saw H2B in all of his decoration and stripes.  He’s a pretty handsome man.  I am a fan of profile shots.

Room shot.

The Army has a tradition where the general and his wife stand in a receiving line and “receive” or exchange pleasantries with each individual JAG officer and his significant other.  It comes from olden times when the kings and queens received their court.  The court stands in a line as they wait to be received.  A very cool idea… unless you are wearing these shoes.

Let me assure you they’re 3.5 inches tall.  But so gorgeous I endured for 4 hours.


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