The Arboretum Wedding

April 3, 2010

My first wedding experience was excellent and makes me aspire to plan an equally enchanting experience for my guests!  First off, the location was gorgeous.  This is my first time at the Dallas Arboretum and I am very surprised how perfect it is for a wedding.  This was their ceremony site.  Breathtaking isn’t it?

The weather was perfect too.  A week prior was a day of reckoning with 4″ of snow in TEXAS in MARCH.  I was worried for the end of the world and I can’t imagine how the poor bride felt.  Lucky for everyone it was sunny and warm and all around gorgeous.

The blushing bride walking down the aisle with her father.

I couldn’t get any pictures of the actual ceremony itself because my arms weren’t long enough and H2B’s camera is old.  But here is the beautiful couple posing afterwards.

Cindy’s dress was also bought from China, except she actually went there and tried it on.  It’s gorgeous and suits her perfectly.  Props for savvy budget friendly brides!

I couldn’t get a good picture of the interior since my wimpy flash only goes so far.  Here you can see pink uplighting on the walls and chivari chairs.

The table centerpiece is a bowl of fresh flowers and a picture frame with the table number in arabic and chinese, how creative!  The red symbol in the center is the Chinese character for double happiness, a traditional sign at weddings.

My buffet plate.  The food was delicious and I confess everything you see here was eaten.  The little package with a red bow is their party favor.  2 frosted glass coasters with the Chinese character for love.

First dance, so romantic.  Inferior camera apologizes for itself.

My awesome date.  It truly is a sign of great friendship when one reluctantly ditches an “awesome party” to attend a wedding.  It will be an even greater sign of friendship if one will come to my wedding even if it happens to take place in the wilderness of Oklahoma.

A photobooth is always a hit.  (The blank spot is now in their scrapbook)

Especially if there is a table full of stickers for adhering the photo to the album… and not to yourself.

I’d like to conclude with a picture of my nails.  See?  The strategy works!  Practically perfectly manicured.


3 Responses to “The Arboretum Wedding”

  1. Cindy Says:

    First off, love the nails & the pink lips 😉

    Second, I actually wasn’t worried about snow…I think I was too busy worrying about everything else at that point. Then I gave up because I realized weather is out of my control. 🙂

    And third, glad you appreciated all the finer details of the wedding! I actually designed the table #’s myself and am pretty proud of how they turned out. 😛

    • Nice job with the designing! I think I may “borrow” that idea for myself 😉

      I’m trying to figure out a nice middle ground for east meets west, but the more I go in that direction, the more it turns into just EAST. I think your wedding was a really nice combination of the two without being overwhelming.

      • Cindy Says:

        I’d be flattered if you borrowed my idea. 🙂 I know what you mean about finding a middle ground – it was difficult to stave off my mothers so that it doesn’t completely become “east” and not have everything there that was red because that was not what we wanted…we loved our colors. But I think a “mostly-east” wedding would be beautiful as well, just depends on what you want.

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