Save This Date!

May 25, 2010

My STD’s are here!!  Yessss – 4 words you never thought you’d hear.  I decided to go with postcards instead of magnets or regular cards with envelopes.  I figure this way, any stalker mailman will know exactly how to crash my wedding.  Plus it saves on wear and tear of fingers and tongues.

So, remember my outrage at wedding sites?  They are now stronger than ever.  I got 100 postcards with mine and H2B’s face on them for…. get this.  $3.72!  HOW?  Vistaprint was having a promo where your first 100 postcards are free.  The $3.72 was for putting our faces on it.  AM-A-ZING.  The photo of us came out a little dark.  And I am a little squinty in them.  But let’s be honest.  When am I not a little squinty?  I won’t fault the printer.

The only thing is, I spent $15 on priority shipping because anything less was supposed to take 2 weeks.  Well, now I know not to splurge on that because the time lapse between my shipment email and arrival was about 24 hours.  They also gave me a 25% off coupon for my next purchase.

And I got new glasses.  These may be my bridal glasses because I have somehow managed to scratch my cornea and I am banned from contacts for an indefinite period of time.  H2B supports the doc’s decision but I’m going to try and convince him otherwise.  At least for 1 day.  So far his response is “I’m going to be really mad as I take care of your blind ass for the rest of your life if you do it to yourself.”  As opposed to happily taking care of my blind ass for the rest of my life…

With a fiancee like that, do we even need vows?


A dangerous activity, I know.  H2B is getting on my case about the STD’s again.  Amazing how he can think of these things while in bootcamp while I am languishing at home, enjoying my evenings free in avoidance.  It’s just that I am getting stressed out by this wedding planning already.  I realize that it’s barely begun and my MoH is having a great time at it but just thinking about all these things that must be done/picked out in such a short time is freaking me out!  The stupid Knot needs to get off my back.  I am thisclose to unsubscribing.

Anyway, so my previous plan of doing part email part letter STD’s is going to be too much of a hassle, what with grouping people off and remembering who got what and getting valid email addresses.  I’m just going to do this the old fashioned way and order some printed cards.  My handwriting is pretty god-awful (and H2B’s is 100x worse than mine) as you will see based on the self-addressed envelopes you will all be receiving shortly.  A quick google for STD’s (spelt out fully) landed me at  Tons of cute cards and invites at a click of a button.  Fairly reasonable prices… I assume, without shopping around at all.  Here’s one I particularly like:

Yes, I totally filled it out.  This particular card is $1.63 each, including envelopes.  There are also cards that allow you to insert a picture and H2B is fond of those.  Although… penguins are kind of near and dear to my heart.  A good friend sent us a Christmas card with 2 penguins on it right before our engagement with arrows drawn in pointing out which was me and which was H2B.  Plus, we both have lucky penguin underpants that have taken us to the Swiss Alps and back with me barely alive, and gotten us through the Bar exam.  We don’t really make an effort to coordinate our underpants, but the days we inadvertently do so are particularly auspicious.*

So what I’m trying to say is, this one might be it.  And all it took was a couple weeks prodding and a 20 min search.

*Not that we have many pairs of matching underpants.  We actually have none.  It just so happens we both have a pair with (very non-matching) penguins on them.  Probably a message from the underwear gods.  The message may be that I should stop going on about underpants.


EDIT: Holy crap, there is something to be said about shopping around. and have AMAZING wedding invitations for literally 1/4 of the price of the above.  I found them while searching for “address labels” because minted wanted to charge me $90 for address printing on the back flap!  I vaguely remember my parents getting generic address labels made for something like $7 for 1,000 labels eons ago.  That was at the time I collected stickers and address labels counted as stickers in my seven year old mind.

So a search has led me to this:

For address printing on the back flap, 123print charges…um… $13.  WHAT?!  They even have matching save-the-date MAGNETS for $1 each!!  Did I mention the invites are $37 for 100??  Holy crap.  Be still my beating heart.  The zeros that get knocked off for not searching for “wedding sites” is horrifying.  It makes me feel a little sick to think I almost got sucked into the wedding profit margin again.

I am floored.  Totally, and utterly floored.

Lazy Bride2B, is Me.

May 16, 2010

Dragging myself back to hot yoga again… since a month ago.  The motivation is rough and I don’t remember when/why I wanted to do this.  Hopefully it will come back to me by the end of the class.  The motivator here is primarily, I paid $145 for 10 classes and I’ve used 2.  Second, I have a dress to fit into in 5 months.  H2B has requested for my arms to be “toned” since the last time I waved goodnight to him on Skype, a part of my arm waved back at me.

No paints, no gains!*

The collection of addresses on my end is 80% complete.  In the interest of budget and efficiency, MoH has suggested I send out electronic STDs out to the FB crowd and do handwritten notes to the older folks (sorry sorry, I mean my mature audience).  Then do traditional paper invites at a later date.  Excellent idea, MoH!  You guys can tell who is the brain behind this operation.

*This was written on a T-shirt a girl was wearing as spotted in China.

October 2 and the last weekend of September are all booked!!  Wow, what luck that I even got a date in that month.  I’m not going to push my luck by changing anything else.  Mailing the reservation check out TOMORROW MORNING.  Too bad for my dad, he’ll just have to take an extra long vacay in October.

Address list is 1/3 done.  My mom is assigned to do the list of our family and friends.  H2B has a list he made for graduation invitations last year that he will send to me this weekend.  To think, I made fun of him for sending out a gazillion invites at the time and I am ever so grateful now!

The current count of our friends and H2B’s side of the family/friends is 125.  Then add my side of family/friends of probably 50 = 175.  Then add H2B’s future coworkers and Army people will probably put us over 200.  Factoring in an average RSVP of 65% we will be just right to not overflow a room for 150.

By the way, I probably didn’t mention one of my top reasons for wanting a military wedding.  The arch of sabers makes for a one-of-a-kind kodac moment.


A group of 6-8 officers on either side form the Honor Guard.  The archway represents a safe passage to married life.

Oh, did I mention I get to cut the cake with a sword?  Just stay out of my way!

I am going to have the change the date.  My mom informed me last night that I have to coincide my wedding with a Chinese national holiday because my dad (who will be traveling back) can’t take 10 days of holiday + another week.  So the goal here is to aim for October 2.  It’s a tricky issue because I have to reserve the ceremony site and reception hall separately and sometimes only one works out.  Cross your fingers!!

H2B started bootcamp this week.  His living conditions are freakishly similar to the movie Full Metal Jacket.  Which, by the way, I made him watch back in February.  Such the caring fiancee I am that I wanted him to be fully horrified before going through the experience :D.

Being proactive for a change, I have begun the painful process of collecting addresses for my list.

October 16th

May 11, 2010

Will be the day of reckoning.  The much preferred 9th unfortunately coincides with a high school prom.  Remember those days? It doesn’t seem that long ago, but the idea of 900 little kids running around at my wedding is like – was I really that young?

Time to get those lists in order and get addresses from everyone.  I smell a giant FB mass mailing.  Dear MoH, please keep me on track to get STDs Save the Dates out to everyone in the next 2 weeks.  The ball is rolling and a good thing too.  The stupid Knot keeps sending me countdown emails with an untouched to-do list.  Silence, you!

This isn’t me, it’s my cousin.  She is getting married in June and these are her gorgeously glamorous bridal portraits.  Definitely done on a “set” of some kind.  I can’t even guarantee the outdoors is really outdoors.  But how gorgeous is that dress?  My inner princess-bride is leaping for joy.

“The outdoors”?  The rock does look solid.

I love that skirt.  All the ruffles and frou frou.

It looks like the entire room is pillow soft.  Reminds me of princess and the pea.  No way would I be able to feel a pea in that skirt.  Last week my boss and I drove 3 hours out to a hearing.  I lost my pen as we got in the car and found it again as I got out.  Guess where it was?  I didn’t feel a thing the entire time.

This is my favorite one.  I love the blue crushed velvet and the boudoir/french duchess setting.  H2B reminds me that we need to get our engagement photos taken before the wedding.  As soon as he gets out of training and grows some hair back…

Speaking of H2B, I just returned from a visit to VA.  While there, I met a friend of his who was a prior enlisted soldier.  He assured me that boot camp for officers is quite different from the regular boot camp.  For example, the beds of officers don’t get tired.

Sometimes after a particularly hard day of boot camp, when the soldiers have showered and are ready for bed, the drill sergeant may inform them that their beds are too tired for sleeping in.  So the soldier must disassemble and carry the bed outside (along with their metal lockers).  Reassemble it in its entirety.  Then the beds will no longer be tired.  At which point the soldier may go to sleep.  Except, the beds are still outside.

Sometime during our honeymoon, H2B may find that his bed is tired  >=]

I know that I’ve been relatively MIA recently.  Nobody warned me that working full time is so draining.  Where are my naps and TV breaks during the day?  Oh I miss my 3L class schedule.  Writing a memo over a semester vs. writing one in 9 hours.  I am lucky though, because (so far) I love my job.  Some people might find that unusual, but it’s difficult to work so hard to get a job and then promptly grow to hate it.  Plus, my bosses are really nice people and actually give me responsibility and “real work.”  Those of you in the legal industry know what I mean.

More wedding stuff will be forthcoming!  Venue is essentially set.  My next step is to find a wedding planner in Oklahoma and get some invitations out.