Ridiculously Glam Bridal Shots

May 4, 2010

This isn’t me, it’s my cousin.  She is getting married in June and these are her gorgeously glamorous bridal portraits.  Definitely done on a “set” of some kind.  I can’t even guarantee the outdoors is really outdoors.  But how gorgeous is that dress?  My inner princess-bride is leaping for joy.

“The outdoors”?  The rock does look solid.

I love that skirt.  All the ruffles and frou frou.

It looks like the entire room is pillow soft.  Reminds me of princess and the pea.  No way would I be able to feel a pea in that skirt.  Last week my boss and I drove 3 hours out to a hearing.  I lost my pen as we got in the car and found it again as I got out.  Guess where it was?  I didn’t feel a thing the entire time.

This is my favorite one.  I love the blue crushed velvet and the boudoir/french duchess setting.  H2B reminds me that we need to get our engagement photos taken before the wedding.  As soon as he gets out of training and grows some hair back…

Speaking of H2B, I just returned from a visit to VA.  While there, I met a friend of his who was a prior enlisted soldier.  He assured me that boot camp for officers is quite different from the regular boot camp.  For example, the beds of officers don’t get tired.

Sometimes after a particularly hard day of boot camp, when the soldiers have showered and are ready for bed, the drill sergeant may inform them that their beds are too tired for sleeping in.  So the soldier must disassemble and carry the bed outside (along with their metal lockers).  Reassemble it in its entirety.  Then the beds will no longer be tired.  At which point the soldier may go to sleep.  Except, the beds are still outside.

Sometime during our honeymoon, H2B may find that his bed is tired  >=]

I know that I’ve been relatively MIA recently.  Nobody warned me that working full time is so draining.  Where are my naps and TV breaks during the day?  Oh I miss my 3L class schedule.  Writing a memo over a semester vs. writing one in 9 hours.  I am lucky though, because (so far) I love my job.  Some people might find that unusual, but it’s difficult to work so hard to get a job and then promptly grow to hate it.  Plus, my bosses are really nice people and actually give me responsibility and “real work.”  Those of you in the legal industry know what I mean.

More wedding stuff will be forthcoming!  Venue is essentially set.  My next step is to find a wedding planner in Oklahoma and get some invitations out.


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