Playing Around With STD’s

May 19, 2010

A dangerous activity, I know.  H2B is getting on my case about the STD’s again.  Amazing how he can think of these things while in bootcamp while I am languishing at home, enjoying my evenings free in avoidance.  It’s just that I am getting stressed out by this wedding planning already.  I realize that it’s barely begun and my MoH is having a great time at it but just thinking about all these things that must be done/picked out in such a short time is freaking me out!  The stupid Knot needs to get off my back.  I am thisclose to unsubscribing.

Anyway, so my previous plan of doing part email part letter STD’s is going to be too much of a hassle, what with grouping people off and remembering who got what and getting valid email addresses.  I’m just going to do this the old fashioned way and order some printed cards.  My handwriting is pretty god-awful (and H2B’s is 100x worse than mine) as you will see based on the self-addressed envelopes you will all be receiving shortly.  A quick google for STD’s (spelt out fully) landed me at  Tons of cute cards and invites at a click of a button.  Fairly reasonable prices… I assume, without shopping around at all.  Here’s one I particularly like:

Yes, I totally filled it out.  This particular card is $1.63 each, including envelopes.  There are also cards that allow you to insert a picture and H2B is fond of those.  Although… penguins are kind of near and dear to my heart.  A good friend sent us a Christmas card with 2 penguins on it right before our engagement with arrows drawn in pointing out which was me and which was H2B.  Plus, we both have lucky penguin underpants that have taken us to the Swiss Alps and back with me barely alive, and gotten us through the Bar exam.  We don’t really make an effort to coordinate our underpants, but the days we inadvertently do so are particularly auspicious.*

So what I’m trying to say is, this one might be it.  And all it took was a couple weeks prodding and a 20 min search.

*Not that we have many pairs of matching underpants.  We actually have none.  It just so happens we both have a pair with (very non-matching) penguins on them.  Probably a message from the underwear gods.  The message may be that I should stop going on about underpants.


EDIT: Holy crap, there is something to be said about shopping around. and have AMAZING wedding invitations for literally 1/4 of the price of the above.  I found them while searching for “address labels” because minted wanted to charge me $90 for address printing on the back flap!  I vaguely remember my parents getting generic address labels made for something like $7 for 1,000 labels eons ago.  That was at the time I collected stickers and address labels counted as stickers in my seven year old mind.

So a search has led me to this:

For address printing on the back flap, 123print charges…um… $13.  WHAT?!  They even have matching save-the-date MAGNETS for $1 each!!  Did I mention the invites are $37 for 100??  Holy crap.  Be still my beating heart.  The zeros that get knocked off for not searching for “wedding sites” is horrifying.  It makes me feel a little sick to think I almost got sucked into the wedding profit margin again.

I am floored.  Totally, and utterly floored.


4 Responses to “Playing Around With STD’s”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I got mine (with pre-printed addresses and postage) at $70 for 100.

  2. Cindy Says:

    The 123print deal sounds awesome – try it!

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