H2B’s Got Skillz

June 1, 2010

In his off-time from bootcamp, H2B managed to put together a brand new deck for me over a weekend.  How is this man so freakin’ amazing??  By the way, in the same timeframe that we are planning a wedding and starting new jobs, we are also remodeling a house.  The renovation is getting the same kind of slow start the wedding planning is on.  But all it takes is a trigger to get things started.  In this case, it is a brand spanking new deck for the back yard.

Witness the transformation.

This is the before shot.  All I asked him to do was rip down the eroding structure up top. He decided it was too full of grapevines to tear down, instead he will build a new gazebo and preserve the vines. Apparently 10+ years of aging is on its way to making good grapes for wine… that is to be determined (project 3: winemaking).

Men at work.

Finito!  I put in the tiki lamps.  And nailed a board and a half.  Now all we need is a bistro table and a waterfall on the wall.

If he made the deck a bit longer, we could’ve had the wedding here!

Nevermind the fact we didn’t get to the old gazebo.  Gotta save something for next time.


2 Responses to “H2B’s Got Skillz”

  1. Jessica Says:

    very impressive!

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