Another Wedding Nightmare

June 4, 2010

And it’s getting worse.  I woke up in a state of panic this morning because I was getting ready to walk down the aisle in a black dress.  Apparently it was a conscious choice (in the dream) where I specifically chose the black dress because black is a more flattering color.  And it is, in general, for t-shirts and LBD’s and such.

So as I was getting dressed, I began regretting my decision severely.  What made it worse is it had straps that didn’t quite cover my bra straps.  And the bodice was too big so it kept sliding down.  I had to cover it up with something, so I donned a large black jacket.  Of the puffy, winter variety.  And with that, I walked down the aisle in complete mortification.

Oh it gets better.  I pass the face of a high school crush I had, his eyebrows raised.  Then the music comes on.  Soft R&B with a beat, almost like a light Eminem.  Then people start singing/rapping along.  And I woke up at about 7am.


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