Personalized M&M’s!

June 8, 2010

Going through the sunday coupon section, I stumbled on a personalized M&M ad as the perfect gift for grads.  It would also make awesome wedding favors.  As much as I’ve been eating the brand new pretzel ball M&M’s lately at work, I am a fan.  A little tinkering on their website yields this.

You can choose 2 colors and print a custom message.  Then either gift package them or buy in bulk.  5 lbs for $130 or 10 lbs for $250.  I can’t figure out in my head how much 5 lbs of M&M’s would be.  Enough to fill 150 little boxes?  If I do this I would probably go with the 10 lbs.  It’s not like the leftovers will go to waste.  It’ll go to “waist.”  Haha, so clever!

O m g.  You can also superimpose a grainy photo onto an M&M.  Horrific.  Yet, so tempting.  If nothing else, I can force all my guests to stare into my eyes as they eat the chocolate candy.


4 Responses to “Personalized M&M’s!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    haha, yes, many people make personalized m&m’s! i’ve seen them for college clubs, high school drill teams, etc. and i assume it wouldn’t actually say “H2B”, right? reminds me, next time i’m in town, we’ve got to pick out the bridesmaids dress color!

    • it is a cute idea, and it’s growing on me. yes we will need to do bridesmaids dresses asap. i don’t really want to get them from davids or one of those bridal chains though. i saw some cute purple ones in the jessica mcclintock window at the mall. also, there’s always j crew/ ann taylor wedding sites that have simple and classic ones that u guys *may* wear again.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Hi, this is Andrew from MY M&M’S. We enjoyed your blog post. In response to your question, a 5-lb bulk box serves about 75-100 people. Good luck with your wedding!

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