My custom made dress is perfectly made to the measurements we gave them. Unfortunately, my height got lost in the translation. My mom had some difficulty with the conversion between inches and cm’s so instead of adding 3 inches for shoes, we added 5.

I found a local mom and pop tailor who has done quite a few wedding dresses and somehow still dropped $250 on alterations. Picking up the hem is $120 and putting in 6 bustles is $90. Granted, there are 3 layers that must be hemmed and I have to bustle 2 layers of train. They are also making me a veil. Remember the dress maker gave me the veil for free but there was no comb attached so it was just a giant mesh sheet. That costs $15. The tailor also sold me a garment bag that said Alfred Angelo on it to put the dress in for $10. Hm…

Now for the point of this post. Hot pink satin shoes in all it’s gorgeous glory. H2B is not a fan of non-white shoes but I am sure he will warm up to the idea before October 16th. Plus, the bridesmaids will be wearing white satin shoes so I have to be different. It is going to be an opposites day! Surprise, surprise. Now, how much do you love these?


Engagement photos

July 10, 2010

Step One: Get a BFF of 10 years who is your MoH and an excellent photographer.

Step Two: Wait a month for her to play with the photos and upload them 😉

We had grand plans spanning from 10am till dark and at least 3 exotic locations to shoot. H2B lasted for about 2 hours and we made it to one place on our list. Being photographed is like your sideview mirrors. Much harder work than it appears. It is tough pretending to look natural and takes extraordinary talent to exude joy in the Texas midday sun. H2B was a champ for channeling his love for me in a full suit.

About 1pm, we more or less gave up on the awkwardness and changed into our regular people clothes. Surprisingly, some of my favorite shots were in my back yard. And can’t end without a visual insight into our relationship – gluttonous and gluttonous maximus.