Wedding Cake

August 19, 2010

H2B and I went wedding cake tasting last weekend and OD-ed on sugar, frosting, and fondant (more frosting).  Saturday appointments are hard to come by (FYI) because most bakeries deliver cakes on that day, so we only managed to get one actual tasting appointment.  The second place made us a box to-go.  I really should have taken pictures, but in my sinful gluttony, I forgot.

At the sit-in place we tried: (1) chocolate with strawberry mousse, (2) red velvet with irish cream, and (3) italian cream with apricot mousse.  The chocolate cake was too dry, the mousses were more like sugar and cream, and the italian cream cake had *shock* coconut shavings.  H2B and I share a mutual hatred of coconut shavings.  It’s not so much the flavor, as we both enjoy coconut milk (how can I not, I’m asian), but it’s the texture.  It’s just so… inappropriately crunchy and bitsy, like bits of wood shavings.  Anyway, the red velvet was good but nothing to write home about.

I feel a little bad because the lady had just opened the bakery last November and they are a family business.  She spent a decent amount of time with us designing a cake and teaching us about the different types of frostings.  Unfortunately, she wanted to charge us $800 for the bridal cake and $200 for the grooms.  H2B isn’t even that picky.  He just wants a black forest cherry torte with chocolate shavings on top.  It sounds like something Costco could whip up for $40 to me…

We picked up our to-go samples at noon and proceeded to drive around in the mid-day sun for 5 hours (the sun does not set in the south in August), so the cakes didn’t look so great by the time we got home.  At one point, two of the cakes toppled over and the icing melted through the box.  We got to trying them after dinner and they were DELICIOUS.  Even semi-dried out, melted icing and laying on its side.  Possibly the best cakes I have ever tried.  We tasted (1) french vanilla, (2) andes mint with coffee, (3) red velvet with cream, and (4) pink champagne with pistachio.  Holy canolli – they were all delicious and the first tasting could not compare.  Our favorites were of course numbers (2) and (4), so we are going with those for the cake.

This is what I’d like for it to look like:

Except ours will be 4 tiers, have purple ribbon, no beading, and a different topper.  Probably the same type of purple fresh orchids.  I am so excited!  According to my coordinator (yes, I booked her and haven’t looked back since), this should run between $650-$700.  No brainer.

Disclaimer:  Know that the tasting samples are ginormous.  Bigger than substantial cupcake.  H2B gave up eating the dried out and melted take-out samples after a bite of each.  Not I.  I ate it for dessert on Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday morning, and lunch on Sunday.  If I didn’t have to drive home Sunday night, I would’ve polished it off.  THAT GOOD, people.  Get excited with me.


How much do these people run for one day of work?  I got quoted $1000 for three of them.  Apparently I need one coordinator for every 50 guests.  Unruly guests need alot of hearding around.  Maybe so, but I don’t think there will be enough work to do for three of them.  I’m trying to come up with a list of things that will need coordinating:

  • Make sure everyone gets on the bus to get to the wedding
  • Setting up my centerpieces
  • Letting the DJ in
  • Make sure the photography time doesn’t run too long
  • Ceremony – timing the walks, arch of sabres, etc.
  • Carting the gifts off somewhere
  • Taking care of any incidentals (drunk people)
  • Ending the wedding on time
  • Handing out sparklers for the exit

Am I missing anything?  This really doesn’t sound like hard work.  One person can handle it.  Maybe two at most.  The third one will just be sitting around enjoying the food.

H2B and I went to a consultation for our centerpieces.  He didn’t really enjoy the process but I thought it was fun.  The centerpiece lady operates out of her home and she comes up with creative ideas based on our input and rents it to us at a price per component level.  For example, a large vase is $28, the aqua beads are $5, LED lights are $11, and so forth.  Here’s a very rough version of what we came up with.

Small and large vases filled with aqua beads and purple LED lights.  Silk orchids will flow out of the small vase and a pomander ball (giant ball of flowers) will top the large vase.  Another idea we had was to fill the vases up with water and submerge a silk orchid with an LED buried under some glass rocks.  We’ll get to see demonstrations of both concepts at the showing in a couple weeks.

The aqua beads must be the coolest thing I’ve come across that’s wedding related.  They are moist and slippery like a sea cucumber (remember those?) and really fun to play with.  I dropped them all over the floor at the consultation.

Anyway, the centerpiece rental business is an excellent idea.  It beats buying 15 vases and a gallon of rocks that I’ll stick in my garage for the rest of time.  It’s not so much about the price as it is about just having a bunch of what will become clutter (sooner than later) taking up space.  The minimalism in me is leaping for joy.

I am slowly checking more and more to-dos off my list.  Next step – cakes and flowers.