Lazy Bride2B, is Me.

May 16, 2010

Dragging myself back to hot yoga again… since a month ago.  The motivation is rough and I don’t remember when/why I wanted to do this.  Hopefully it will come back to me by the end of the class.  The motivator here is primarily, I paid $145 for 10 classes and I’ve used 2.  Second, I have a dress to fit into in 5 months.  H2B has requested for my arms to be “toned” since the last time I waved goodnight to him on Skype, a part of my arm waved back at me.

No paints, no gains!*

The collection of addresses on my end is 80% complete.  In the interest of budget and efficiency, MoH has suggested I send out electronic STDs out to the FB crowd and do handwritten notes to the older folks (sorry sorry, I mean my mature audience).  Then do traditional paper invites at a later date.  Excellent idea, MoH!  You guys can tell who is the brain behind this operation.

*This was written on a T-shirt a girl was wearing as spotted in China.


You may have noticed my absence from the blog lately.  It’s due to good (depending on how you look at it) news.  I got a job!  Yay for employment and embarking on a career that 20ish years of education has led me to.  Nay for being too tired to blog as much.

I want to show you my favorite vibrant pink lippie as of late.  It’s a tad too electric for the office, but can be sheered out beautifully for a bride.  Especially if you choose to go with a simple eye, this lip can be a statement of romance.  Actually, I am tempted to sport this to the office after I establish myself.  What is fashion and style without being a daredevil?

Here it is.

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DIY Beauty: Foundation Fail

February 27, 2010

I think I remember why I don’t wear foundation.  Sensitive, acne-prone skin failure.   I am really glad my foundation search started out 7 months early, because recovery time is nigh.   A couple weeks ago with MoH in tow, I got myself some samples of MAC and Make Up For Ever for a test drive.


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I have to share this amazing skin discovery.  Using baking soda as an exfoliater.  No more expensive scrubs that break the bank or cheapo drugstore scrubs that leave you raw.  Simply mix a dollop of regular 59 cent Arm & Hammer baking soda with water and scrub your face.  It’s not an exact science but the consistence looks like white water.  The tiny particles of baking soda is gentle and effective at removing dead skin.

A little background on me.

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I tried bikram yoga for the first time today and sweated more in 60 minutes than a whole Texas summer.   The room is a toasty 98 degrees which was nice for about 5 seconds after coming in from the cold.   Then we started movement and I began to see stars.  At one point I am sure I lost my vision but somehow managed to recover in time before losing balance.

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Bridal Hairdos

February 12, 2010

I like to think I am pretty good at doing makeup (my own that is).  So if any costs will be cut, it will be on the $175 makeup trials.  I’m not even sure that figure includes the actual makeup day.  An issue may arise in bridesmaids makeup though.  My sad attempt at doing MoH’s eyes one late night did not impress her much.

Hair is my weakness.  H2B has requested on more than one occasion that I go to a salon and get a “style,” whatever that means.  My hair is long-ish right now, about to the shoulder blades.  Usually I get it cut at Great Clips or Super Clips, some place that attempts to sound enthusiastic, for about $20.  This happens once or twice a year.  Last time I got it cut was in China for maybe $8.  There are layers in there somewhere, but for the most part I just wear it up in a bun secured by a black clip.  Low maintenance or no maintenance?

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I’m a big fan of mustard on my sandwiches.  The dark kind with little seeds in it, not so much the bright yellow bottle.  Sometimes I like to have my eyes match my condiments, so here we go — mustard yellow and kiwi green lids, black honey lips.  Healthy and delicious.

Using a fluffy brush, apply the mustard yellow all over your lid stopping at the crease (where your eyeball ends).  Take the kiwi green and deposit the color at the outer corner of your eye.  Blend it on your crease and halfway toward the center of your lid.  Add some kiwi green to the outer half of your lower lash line.  Apply more mustard yellow to your tear duct and inner half of the lower lash line.  Apply black eyeliner, curl lashes and go.


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