How much do these people run for one day of work?  I got quoted $1000 for three of them.  Apparently I need one coordinator for every 50 guests.  Unruly guests need alot of hearding around.  Maybe so, but I don’t think there will be enough work to do for three of them.  I’m trying to come up with a list of things that will need coordinating:

  • Make sure everyone gets on the bus to get to the wedding
  • Setting up my centerpieces
  • Letting the DJ in
  • Make sure the photography time doesn’t run too long
  • Ceremony – timing the walks, arch of sabres, etc.
  • Carting the gifts off somewhere
  • Taking care of any incidentals (drunk people)
  • Ending the wedding on time
  • Handing out sparklers for the exit

Am I missing anything?  This really doesn’t sound like hard work.  One person can handle it.  Maybe two at most.  The third one will just be sitting around enjoying the food.

H2B and I went to a consultation for our centerpieces.  He didn’t really enjoy the process but I thought it was fun.  The centerpiece lady operates out of her home and she comes up with creative ideas based on our input and rents it to us at a price per component level.  For example, a large vase is $28, the aqua beads are $5, LED lights are $11, and so forth.  Here’s a very rough version of what we came up with.

Small and large vases filled with aqua beads and purple LED lights.  Silk orchids will flow out of the small vase and a pomander ball (giant ball of flowers) will top the large vase.  Another idea we had was to fill the vases up with water and submerge a silk orchid with an LED buried under some glass rocks.  We’ll get to see demonstrations of both concepts at the showing in a couple weeks.

The aqua beads must be the coolest thing I’ve come across that’s wedding related.  They are moist and slippery like a sea cucumber (remember those?) and really fun to play with.  I dropped them all over the floor at the consultation.

Anyway, the centerpiece rental business is an excellent idea.  It beats buying 15 vases and a gallon of rocks that I’ll stick in my garage for the rest of time.  It’s not so much about the price as it is about just having a bunch of what will become clutter (sooner than later) taking up space.  The minimalism in me is leaping for joy.

I am slowly checking more and more to-dos off my list.  Next step – cakes and flowers.


Engagement photos

July 10, 2010

Step One: Get a BFF of 10 years who is your MoH and an excellent photographer.

Step Two: Wait a month for her to play with the photos and upload them 😉

We had grand plans spanning from 10am till dark and at least 3 exotic locations to shoot. H2B lasted for about 2 hours and we made it to one place on our list. Being photographed is like your sideview mirrors. Much harder work than it appears. It is tough pretending to look natural and takes extraordinary talent to exude joy in the Texas midday sun. H2B was a champ for channeling his love for me in a full suit.

About 1pm, we more or less gave up on the awkwardness and changed into our regular people clothes. Surprisingly, some of my favorite shots were in my back yard. And can’t end without a visual insight into our relationship – gluttonous and gluttonous maximus.

This should be aptly named “Greatest B*tchfight ever.”  For the last 2 weeks, I have been in negotiations with a hotel to reserve a block of rooms for the 2 days of my wedding.  Here is what I have learned you should always ask for:

1) A complimentary hospitality suite

2) An upgrade for the bride & groom

This is my story:  The asking price for a block of 20 rooms for 2 nights was $129/night + tax.  Parking is either valet (mucho dinero) or parking garage $7/night.  I first asked for free parking and a free hospitality suite (thanks to the suggestion from M2B because it totally didn’t occur to me).  They agreed to a free hospitality suite and a reduction to $125/night + tax instead of free parking.  Okay, not so bad.  We will also get the deluxe room connected to the boardroom (hosp. suite) that is a suite with 2 double beds for the group rate.  Even better – this will be great for my parents and brother, or more likely, the bridesmaids/groomsmen to man the booze.

Then, since one room was upgraded to a suite that could only contain doubles and not a king, I asked for an upgrade for the bride and groom.  To which the hotel replied – “we only do upgrades if you have a reception here.  we think the rate quoted is already a good deal for a four diamond property. etc. etc.”  To which I replied, I am sure you can manage to upgrade 1 room for the newlyweds who will be bringing our entire entourage/guests who will be using your amenities.  This one issue went back and forth for A WEEK.  Wow, they are a tough nut to crack for 1 upgrade.  Who would’ve thought.  Anyway, needless to say, I got it.  And I changed the reservation to 12 for Friday night and 28 for Saturday night, just to be safe.

Then today, just as we were about to seal the deal, they say the free airport shuttle service has been discontinued.  It was a test run for 6 months and it just didn’t work out.  They tossed it last week.

Um… all of my guests are out of town and need this service.  It was pretty much the basis of the bargain.  So for the first time since going to law school, I pulled out the attorney card.  Hello – our negotiations begun 2 weeks ago, before the service was pulled, and even though I didn’t accept the contract until today does not mean they can take out a significant clause after my acceptance.  A quick lesson on contracts:

  • If their offer is accepted, they may no longer revoke
  • Until their offer is accepted, they can probably revoke (unless they promise to hold it open for X amount of time)
  • A counteroffer is a rejection plus a new offer

What happened here is they made me an offer, I rejected and counter-offered, repeat, repeat… they made a final offer, I accepted.  They did not tell me about the change in terms until after my acceptance.  It doesn’t matter that the terms changed, but they didn’t notify me until afterwards.  Therefore, they are bound to the terms of our negotiation and here we have it – complimentary airport shuttle service just for my guests! (However – I can only guarantee this for those who manage to reserve the 12 rooms Fri night or 28 rooms Sat night.)

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, do not take it as legal advice, but just good natured fun and frantic wedding planning.

Personalized M&M’s!

June 8, 2010

Going through the sunday coupon section, I stumbled on a personalized M&M ad as the perfect gift for grads.  It would also make awesome wedding favors.  As much as I’ve been eating the brand new pretzel ball M&M’s lately at work, I am a fan.  A little tinkering on their website yields this.

You can choose 2 colors and print a custom message.  Then either gift package them or buy in bulk.  5 lbs for $130 or 10 lbs for $250.  I can’t figure out in my head how much 5 lbs of M&M’s would be.  Enough to fill 150 little boxes?  If I do this I would probably go with the 10 lbs.  It’s not like the leftovers will go to waste.  It’ll go to “waist.”  Haha, so clever!

O m g.  You can also superimpose a grainy photo onto an M&M.  Horrific.  Yet, so tempting.  If nothing else, I can force all my guests to stare into my eyes as they eat the chocolate candy.

Save This Date!

May 25, 2010

My STD’s are here!!  Yessss – 4 words you never thought you’d hear.  I decided to go with postcards instead of magnets or regular cards with envelopes.  I figure this way, any stalker mailman will know exactly how to crash my wedding.  Plus it saves on wear and tear of fingers and tongues.

So, remember my outrage at wedding sites?  They are now stronger than ever.  I got 100 postcards with mine and H2B’s face on them for…. get this.  $3.72!  HOW?  Vistaprint was having a promo where your first 100 postcards are free.  The $3.72 was for putting our faces on it.  AM-A-ZING.  The photo of us came out a little dark.  And I am a little squinty in them.  But let’s be honest.  When am I not a little squinty?  I won’t fault the printer.

The only thing is, I spent $15 on priority shipping because anything less was supposed to take 2 weeks.  Well, now I know not to splurge on that because the time lapse between my shipment email and arrival was about 24 hours.  They also gave me a 25% off coupon for my next purchase.

And I got new glasses.  These may be my bridal glasses because I have somehow managed to scratch my cornea and I am banned from contacts for an indefinite period of time.  H2B supports the doc’s decision but I’m going to try and convince him otherwise.  At least for 1 day.  So far his response is “I’m going to be really mad as I take care of your blind ass for the rest of your life if you do it to yourself.”  As opposed to happily taking care of my blind ass for the rest of my life…

With a fiancee like that, do we even need vows?

Lazy Bride2B, is Me.

May 16, 2010

Dragging myself back to hot yoga again… since a month ago.  The motivation is rough and I don’t remember when/why I wanted to do this.  Hopefully it will come back to me by the end of the class.  The motivator here is primarily, I paid $145 for 10 classes and I’ve used 2.  Second, I have a dress to fit into in 5 months.  H2B has requested for my arms to be “toned” since the last time I waved goodnight to him on Skype, a part of my arm waved back at me.

No paints, no gains!*

The collection of addresses on my end is 80% complete.  In the interest of budget and efficiency, MoH has suggested I send out electronic STDs out to the FB crowd and do handwritten notes to the older folks (sorry sorry, I mean my mature audience).  Then do traditional paper invites at a later date.  Excellent idea, MoH!  You guys can tell who is the brain behind this operation.

*This was written on a T-shirt a girl was wearing as spotted in China.

Skipping the Middleman

February 15, 2010

Remember my post a Discussion on Dresses?  Yeap.  I did it.   I got a dress custom made straight from the motherland.  H2B — don’t read this, pictures are following.

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