By now, you all should know I love abbreviations on this blog (and during AIM chit chat).  It saves wear and tear on the fingers.  Also with H2B being in the Army now.  The Army loves its abbreviations to the extent that it becomes a foreign language within English.  For example, when we received H2B’s orders we were on our way out the door so he asked me to read them to him in the car.  I got past the salutation and maybe one sentence before I realized, hey some of these words don’t have any vowels.  They even abbreviate their clothes.  For example, PT gear = workout clothes, ACU = camo.  Don’t even get me started on their usage of time.  0430 is when he gets up.  2100 is when he goes to bed.  Did I get that right?  Sorry, I grew up in England where we have tea at five thirty o’clock.

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I’m a big fan of mustard on my sandwiches.  The dark kind with little seeds in it, not so much the bright yellow bottle.  Sometimes I like to have my eyes match my condiments, so here we go — mustard yellow and kiwi green lids, black honey lips.  Healthy and delicious.

Using a fluffy brush, apply the mustard yellow all over your lid stopping at the crease (where your eyeball ends).  Take the kiwi green and deposit the color at the outer corner of your eye.  Blend it on your crease and halfway toward the center of your lid.  Add some kiwi green to the outer half of your lower lash line.  Apply more mustard yellow to your tear duct and inner half of the lower lash line.  Apply black eyeliner, curl lashes and go.


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Before I knew how to take photos of my ring, I took them with an iPhone.  The very first photo of my ring right after the proposal was taken at night, with dim indoor lighting, with a phone camera.  Tsk tsk.  This picture now resides in my first post.

Then I recalled a treasured resource – Facebook!  I remember seeing a friends album of artistically crafted pictures of her engagement ring.  They looked downright professional.  Aha!  I said.  The background should be a dark surface to contrast the diamond for extra sparkle factor.  I looked around and the darkest non-reflective surface that I could find was Pups’ head.

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