October 2 and the last weekend of September are all booked!!  Wow, what luck that I even got a date in that month.  I’m not going to push my luck by changing anything else.  Mailing the reservation check out TOMORROW MORNING.  Too bad for my dad, he’ll just have to take an extra long vacay in October.

Address list is 1/3 done.  My mom is assigned to do the list of our family and friends.  H2B has a list he made for graduation invitations last year that he will send to me this weekend.  To think, I made fun of him for sending out a gazillion invites at the time and I am ever so grateful now!

The current count of our friends and H2B’s side of the family/friends is 125.  Then add my side of family/friends of probably 50 = 175.  Then add H2B’s future coworkers and Army people will probably put us over 200.  Factoring in an average RSVP of 65% we will be just right to not overflow a room for 150.

By the way, I probably didn’t mention one of my top reasons for wanting a military wedding.  The arch of sabers makes for a one-of-a-kind kodac moment.


A group of 6-8 officers on either side form the Honor Guard.  The archway represents a safe passage to married life.

Oh, did I mention I get to cut the cake with a sword?  Just stay out of my way!


On the same day H2B went to pick out his uniforms, we drove around and checked out military wedding sites.  A wedding ceremony on base will be held in the chapel (forgot to get a picture of that).  The reception that follows will be in the Officer’s Club.

Looks pretty good!  There is a golf course and lake to the left of the building.

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H2B Plays Dress Up

January 15, 2010

I think the male version of a shopping blowout occurred yesterday.  4 combat outfits, 10 shirts (at least), 4 shorts, 2 boots, shoes, 3 hats, jacket, beret, and an officer uniform later — H2B left like a kid with a pocket full of sour straws from a candy shop.  The damage was $1300 (not including alterations).  I’m pretty sure never in my life have I had a shopping spree quite so grand.  Or a companion who was so agreeable.

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