The Wedding Band Controversy

February 25, 2010

In all likelihood, I will not be getting a wedding band for the ceremony.  The reasons for this are twofold.   First, I am not a fan of the idea of wearing two rings on one finger.  Before I knew it was custom, it sounded tacky.   After I found out it’s custom, it sounds plain uncomfortable.  I know there are services where you can solder your rings together so they are one, but that sounds even worse.  There is no way I want to mess up my gorgeous engagement ring by melding it with another.  Not happening.

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Before I knew how to take photos of my ring, I took them with an iPhone.  The very first photo of my ring right after the proposal was taken at night, with dim indoor lighting, with a phone camera.  Tsk tsk.  This picture now resides in my first post.

Then I recalled a treasured resource – Facebook!  I remember seeing a friends album of artistically crafted pictures of her engagement ring.  They looked downright professional.  Aha!  I said.  The background should be a dark surface to contrast the diamond for extra sparkle factor.  I looked around and the darkest non-reflective surface that I could find was Pups’ head.

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